Chastity Belt

  • Steve’s Last One Night Stand by M. V. Gaius

    0 out of 5

    Steve was a total player and lived a life most men would kill for. Desired by women, envied by men, every night a new curvy conquest found her way to his very active bed.

    Spotting the gorgeous Gloria across the dance floor he knew he must have her. With her beautiful dark hair and a body that would not quit, she was just the type of woman who’s panties he always got to drop.

    Little could he know the devastating consequences he would suffer by this chance encounter with the beautiful Gloria.

    If he had, he would certainly have savored the last one night stand he would ever have.

    Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery and is intended for ADULTS ONLY!

    Contains scenes of Female Domination, Chastity Belts, CFNM, Foot Fetish Themes and strong Tease and Denial