• LoneWolff: an Online Romance by Fran Seen

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    My name is Ellie Faye.

    I am a deceiver of internet strangers.

    Caught between the shadows of functioning as my high school’s social pariah and the illumination of my computer screen, I assumed countless online personas. My one rule: like Cinderella, my fairytale identities abided by a strict curfew.

    My fallacies began and ended within the same day, until I accepted a chat request from LoneWolff. He was a collection of secrets the two of us could only whisper through keystrokes. The fabrications I wove into our connection tangled and twisted for two years, for I treasured LoneWolff the way forbidden things were always treasured: in secret and with unbridled greed.

    The fateful day arrived, when LoneWolff unravelled my prickliest lie, and in a torrent of written curses, assured me our relationship was over.

    But our story was far from concluded.

    And neither of us can hide behind our computer screens anymore.

    Fans of MTV’s Catfish will adore this hilarious online romance.