Cate Troyer

  • The Prema Society by Cate Troyer

    0 out of 5

    Jane Sykes thinks of herself as the typical college English major. Shy, nerdy, and an innocent at the age of 20, she lives with her friend Cassie whose sole income comes from being an online cam girl. When Jane accidentally stumbles into her friend’s room in the middle of a session, she finds herself part of the play, but nothing more than an extra prop, until Cassie receives a note on her behalf from the mysterious Prema Society. The Society is an old one, serving the highest echelons of the rich and famous, catering to their somewhat unique desires. And that’s where Jane comes in. The Society wants to hot an auction with Jane as the star, a nubile college co-ed, untouched and unclaimed. When the auction arrives, Jane is primped and prepped and placed on stage in front of men who want to ravish her, but only one, dark-eyed billionaire wins the prize — an uninterrupted, unprotected week with the virtuous miss.