• Callisto Megabundle by Erica Conroy

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    Come aboard the Alliance starship Callisto for a journey filled with action, humor, romance, and suspense!

    This mega-value bundle includes the complete science fiction romance series, plus bonus materials. From handsome heroes to feisty heroines, sexy aliens, genetically engineered assassins, time travel, and more! You’ll be entertained from the first page to the last.

  • Mischief Bundle: Books 1-3 of The Nymphalicious Chronicles by Cailee Francis

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    Mischief Bundle is a new collection of three sensual paranormal romantic erotica stories by Cailee Francis. This bundle comprises books 1 to 3 of the Nymphalicious Chronicles and tells stories of nymphs and humans, naiads and dryads, shifters and satyrs.
    All have strong steamy content and language. The stories are as follows:

    Mischief Incarnate (F/F & M/F(+)):
    Nymphs, Satyrs and Humans! Oh my! Ursula is a human woman on a trading expedition. En route, two of her fellow merchants discover naiads living in the forest and leave to indulge their curiousity. They aren’t the only forest beings either, as Ursula soon finds out. There are satyrs and nymphs in the woods, and as events unfold, she meets a satyr-born nymph named Aleana who has the power to change her world in fun, unexpected ways. This is a sensual paranormal story of approximately 6,500 words, set in a new historical fantasy world.

    Mischief Dreaming (F/F):
    A steamy paranormal love story – the exciting second book of The Nymphalicious Chronicles. Aleana is a nymph of human and satyr origins. Months before, a trading expedition passed by their forest home and she fell in love with a beautiful human woman, Ursula. Now Ursula has left to tie off the threads of her old life, while Aleana waits for her to return, hopefully for good. Staying in the castle ruins where her mother lives, Aleana dreams vividly of Ursula, while in the dark forest beyond, her destiny awaits. This is a sensual short story of just over 5,000 words set in a new historical fantasy world

    Shifter Mischief (M/F):
    Alesander Sunderlin is a snow leopard Shifter; the last of his tribe. He’s traveled widely in search of other Shifters, but so far without success, he’s mainly found distrust and violence. Hunted by a herd of satyrs, he meets a beautiful naiad who has the potential to save his life and change his destiny forever in the best of ways. This romantic and sensual fantasy short story is just over 5,000 words and contains strong sexy content and language. It’s the third story in the Nymphalicious Chronicles series.

  • Hero Undercover: 25 Undercover Romances by Annabel Joseph

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  • Begging for Bad Boys by Sierra Rose

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    USA Today and Top Best Selling Romance authors have come together to give you this tempting bundle of 13 sinful bad boys that’ll have you on your knees and begging for more!

  • The Making it Real Bundle: Books 1-3 by Cailee Francis

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    Their Stolen Moments (M/F Romantic MILF Erotica): A sexy romantic erotica story with a MILF and her secret lover.

  • The Bellum Sisters Book Bundle by T. A. Grey

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    Three Fates. Three Sisters. The Bellum sisters are endowed with magical and seductive qualities as succubus creatures and although they’ve lived independently for their entire lives, all that is about to change as they reach their 29th birthday. At a succubus’ 29th year she no longer needs food to sustain herself, but sex. Their father has died and in his wake he has bequeathed his daughters into the ownership of new Protectors: the vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev; the alpha shapeshifter, Lyonis Keelan; and the demon warlord, Telal Demuzi.

    The sisters will fight ancient demons the size of mountains while battling their hearts, casting a few bad spells, cursing bloody murder, making bad jokes, and cozying up to a hard male body. – “Ms. Grey’s world is not only magical, but erotic, enchanted, and deadly. In addition to the fiercely passionate female characters, Grey creates a fresh cast of male counterpoints who are seductive, gritty, rugged, and noble.” – Vampire and Immortals Book Blog

  • The I Love My…Trilogy by Sabrina Lacey

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    Who knew one man’s visit to New York could completely change their stagnant lives, in such incredible and different ways? Jessica, Amber and Nicole are three very loyal best friends leaning on each other as they stumble through the muck of frogs in search of their forevers. If you loved Sex and The City, you will love this. Inspired by the author’s real-life career as a photographer for NY fashion week, this steamy three novel box set is just as funny as it is HOT.

  • The Random Series Boxed Set by Julia Kent

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    The Random Series Boxed Set includes the first three books in the Random series from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent: Random Acts of Crazy, Random Acts of Trust and Random Acts of Fantasy. Based on five band members of the rock group Random Acts of Crazy, each full-length novel is loaded humor, emotion and sexy adventure. It all begins with a random meeting between a chick from the rural Midwest who picks up a naked hitchhiker wearing only a guitar and gets crazier from there.

  • Shifter Seasons: 10 Paranormal Shifter Romances by Tina Talon

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    Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, we’ve got a shifter for them all! 99cents for a limited time!!

    Dive into 10 spicy paranormal romances for a sweet price. There are three M/M selections in this mix and seven M/F selections. There is something for everyone!!

    Bad Boy Wolf by Tina Talon

    Bear Back Mountain by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Bearly Able by Terra Wolf and Tina Talon

    Heart Laid Bear by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Howl for Me by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Snow Leopard Bound by Artemis Wolffe (M/M)

    Little Red Riding Wolf by Wednesday Raven

    Rodeo Wolf by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Secrets of the Snow Leopard by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven

    Shifter Undercover by Wednesday Raven

  • Return of the Grrr (10 Book Paranormal Shifter Romance Boxed Set) by Alannah Blacke

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    Bear Shifters? Check

    Wolves? Check

    Lions? Check

    Leopards? Check

    This boxed set has ten sizzling, steamy and scorching hot tales of all your favorite shifters, just in time for the holidays! This complete collection, available for just $0.99 and for a limited time only, is the perfect stocking stuffer, guaranteed to keep you warm even on the chilliest of nights! Get yours before it’s too late!

    Contained within:


    Alpha Black

    Bear In Mind

    Mine to Bear

    Bear Down

    Look Before You Leopard

    Better Late Than Leopard

    A Leopard is Forever

    Keep It In The Den

    In Step with the Pack