• Patrick’s Journey by Roy T Humphreys

    0 out of 5

    Based on the true story of an Irish rebel around the turn of the 18th century Patrick’s Journey contains an uplifting message of redemption merged into its adventure / romance theme. Readers will follow Patrick as he is torn from his life’s love and homeland then transported to a penal colony on the other side of the world. Against the odds, Patrick emerges from despair to resurrect his life and love in a new land.
    Patrick’s Journey could be described as simply an entertaining “romance / adventure” novel, but the story goes deeper than that. The “Journey” in the story is twofold; there is the physical journey from one mode of existence in Ireland to a completely different one in Australia and the emotional/spiritual journey that accompanies such drastic changes in Patrick’s world.

  • One Moonlit Tryst by Amanda Mariel

    0 out of 5

    Lady Tabitha Pemberton wants nothing more than to enjoy her first season without becoming attached, but when Lady X writes of a forbidden tryst between Tabitha and Colin Brooks, the earl of Harcourt, everything changes. Now Tabitha must choose between her reputation and her desire to remain unattached.

  • Shades of Love by Multiple Authors

    0 out of 5

    Love knows no boundaries and bridges the gap between creed and culture. Whether prince or pauper, beauty or beast, cupid entangles unsuspecting hearts. From the exchange of a glance to the throes of romance, follow these couples as they discover that love has no limits. Indulge your taste for adventure with ten diverse tales from familiar and exotic parts of the globe. Shades of Love is brought to you by a select group of award-winning and best-selling writers, whose stories feature couples who close the cultural divide through their love.

  • Theodore Hartley by E.H. Nolan

    0 out of 5

    E.H. Nolan brings back the most beloved character from her Amazon best-selling debut in this sequel to “Mabel Crowley”.

    Handsome, brilliant, charming, and a millionaire, Theodore Hartley is the most sought after man in all England. At thirty-nine, Theodore is confident that that he will never settle down, until he meets the beautiful and intriguing sixteen-year-old Alice Ingleson.

    Four decades of Mabel’s life was recorded in “Mabel Crowley”, but hers wasn’t the only intriguing narrative. Dozens of characters, all struggling with their own hopes and hardships, mingled and crossed paths with Mabel throughout the years. Enter a world thirty years before Mabel Crowley, a time when Theodore Hartley was a young man in search of his destiny.

    It’s time we read his story . . .

  • Mabel Crowley: Book One by E.H. Nolan

    0 out of 5

    Mabel Crowley, the only child of a wealthy English banker, wants nothing more than to be rid of her last name and wed her first love, stable-boy Charlie Archer, whose own hopes reside in becoming a partner in his father’s livery yard. Her parents forbid the union and whisk the impulsive child away to Bath so that she might forget her troubles. Distraught and vowing that she will never love again, Mabel impulsively accepts a teaching position while on vacation in Bath, certain that this will ensure her spinsterhood and prove her undying love for Charlie. Irene Hartley, a five-year-old student desperately in love with her new teacher, persuades her parents to offer Mabel a position as governess to their growing brood. Her father is Theodore Hartley, the obscenely wealthy and renowned railroad tycoon. Theodore sees how his daughter has grown attached to Mabel, and after his wife dies in childbirth, he makes Mabel an offer of a permanent nature to make his eldest daughter happy. Still madly in love with Charlie, Mabel returns home to find out whether he has carried the same love in his heart in the years they’ve been apart. She finds him boarding a train, in uniform, ready to serve his country in World War I. Will she act once again on impulse, or will she make her decision based on hope for her future? A sweeping romance of love, longing, and the nature of hope, E.H. Nolan’s debut is a moving family saga that probes the deepest recesses of the human heart with subtlety, profound empathy, and prose filled with the emotion of open spaces and words left unsaid. Delving into the nature of sacrifice, family secrets, and the important of keeping promises and honouring commitments, Mabel Crowley captures the essence of the human condition as it delivers a passionate portrait of a life consumed by the power of love.

  • Falling from Grace by Annabel Chant

    0 out of 5

    How far would you go to claim back your fantasies?

    When Grace Anderton's boyfriend betrays her in the most public way possible, he takes everything – even the dark fantasies which have sustained her. In a tail spin, she sets out to get them back, whatever the cost.

    Enter the Filth Monger. Heir to a fortune and criminally handsome, he can have any woman he wants…and he wants Grace. But he has his own agenda. Head of a secret organisation dealing in depravity, his life is going to shit around him. As he struggles with his own betrayals, he makes it his mission to save Grace from her one-woman ride to ruin – whether she wants him to or not, and by any means necessary. Even if it means throwing away the chance of having her for himself.

    But who is the Filth Monger? What does he really want…and why does such a beautiful man go by such a sleazy title? Find out in Annabel Chant's gripping new series. If you like your romance steamy, with hot, flawed characters and pulse-pounding suspense, you'll love Falling from Grace.