british police procedural

  • Written to Death by zach abrams

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    It was scarcely the first time that bestselling author Sheila Armstrong had died on stage; it would most certainly be the last.

    DCI Alex Warren and his girlfriend, DI Sandra McKinnon, return from a short holiday, but hardly manage to step from the plane before he’s called to investigate the suspicious death.

    Sheila,a member of Eastfarm Writers, has been stabbed to death, on stage, in a school, during a rehearsal of a play she’d written. Her death mimics the plot.

    Within hours Sandra is roped into investigating a series of crimes which appear to be mob related.

    Both their enquiries run in parallel as they each struggle to make progress while supporting each other professionally and emotionally.

    Written to Death is the third novel in the Alex Warren murder mystery series by Zach Abrams.