British aristocrats

  • Dealing For A Kiss by LI Martins

    0 out of 5

    After a big fight with her meddling father, Maddy sixteen moves to Britain, leaving her native land of Osicoxi- West Africa.
    Michael is the Earl of Darby and only child of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. While his country estate is being renovated, he moves to London temporarily renting an apartment opposite Maddy’s.
    Shortly after moving in, he solicits Maddy’s help to handle an ex. Just a kiss, he thinks, what could go wrong with a simple kiss?
    From the moment their lips touch, everything changes. Michael can’t get enough and Maddy’s world is turned upside down.
    As their attraction for each other grows, Michael’s attachment to Maddy a ‘foreigner’ leads to the revelation of hidden secrets.

  • Loveland by Andrea Downing

    0 out of 5

    When Lady Alexandra Calthorpe arrives at the Colorado ranch managed by her uncle, she has little idea of how the experience will alter the future her father has in mind for her. Headstrong and willful, Alex learns to lasso more than the corral fence post as she tries to emulate the lives of the cowpunchers around her and cross the divide from the strictures of Victorian English society to the freedom of the American west. Having overcome a disastrous marriage in England, and with a burgeoning art career in New York, she tries to reconcile her desire for independence with her love for top hand Jesse Makepeace. But when the brutal winter of 1886 blows in killing most of the ranch herd, Alex sees the life she had hoped for on the open range changed forever.