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  • The Bride Program by Dane Griggs

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    “Let other people volunteer to be brides and join the alien sausage party,” says mom with a deep frown.

    “Okay, first of all, please don’t ever use the term ‘sausage party’ again. And secondly, Mom, my mind is made up. This might be our only chance. I will convince them to cure her. And I will be on a spaceship — with aliens!” responds Maya.

    Maya Arnold was leading a normal life, working and helping care for her sister, until the Cerasteans arrived. Offering a cure for cancer if enough women volunteer as brides, Maya jumped at the chance. Saving her sister was her only goal. She never expected to actually fall in love with an alien, or find best friends in the other bride volunteers.

    Since the mysterious destruction of Ceraste, Commander D’Avii and the surviving males have been searching the galaxy for a new home. Finding Earth and its women was a miracle. Like most Cerasteans, he finds humans to be fascinating creatures — none more so than bride volunteer Maya. His attraction to her is instant and intense. Still he knows Maya can never choose him, a warrior, with so many higher-caste scientists seeking their own mates. To do so would shame the scientists and tear the last of his people apart. Yet he aches at the loss of something he never even had.

  • Bride of Fire by Jane Burrelli

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    What’s worse than death?
    Falling in love with the enemy.

    A princess sent to die.
    A forbidding Lord.
    A desire that cannot be extinguished.

    She can’t help the attraction.
    It’s instantaneous and undeniable.
    She must do all she can to keep her secret.
    But when he and his people discover the truth,
    What will become of her?
    Will this forbidden love destroy them both?

    Publisher’s Note: This is a compilation of books 1-3 of the Bride of Fire. It’s steamy fantasy romance contains elements of power exchange.

  • Playing with Fire by Jane Burrelli

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    When the gods breathed life into us they blessed us with an element, a pity they didn’t care to bless us with anything else.

    Princess Nymira’s life changed forever when a coup forced her to flee north and in doing so she found herself mated to Zorren, the formidable Ice Lord. Their instant connection is undeniable but their budding relationship is not without challenges.

    Mira must now face the open hostility of a foreign court as she attempts to carve out a niche at Zorren’s side. New enemies work tirelessly to drive a wedge between the newly mated pair and their tentative bond of trust is tested to the limit. Are Mira and Zorren strong enough to withstand the storm or will her most guarded secret drive them apart?

    Publisher’s Note: This is book two in the Bride of Fire Trilogy. This fantasy romance contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, adventure, and sensual scenes set in an apocalyptic world.

  • Christmas Brides Book 1 by Nathan Adams

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    Due to a childhood disease, Desiree is not able to have children. This Christmas season brings her a true surprise in a small package.

    When Desiree finally meets the wonderful and kind mannered Nick Groves, it appears that the two are a perfect match that will live happily ever after… that is, until Desiree receives word of her brother’s death and his last wishes that she become the child’s legal guardian. She wishes to welcome the baby with open arms, however, Nick has made it clear that he does not desire children.

    Will Gabe, who is hiding a secret of his own, accept the newly created situation or will this be enough for him to annul the marriage to a woman he has fallen madly in love with?

    Brides Of Christmas Past is a beautiful historical holiday romance series. Each book in the collection is a standalone story designed to warm your heart with seasonal love and romantic adventure.

  • Bearly Wed: A BBW Paranormal WereBear Standalone Romance Novella (Shifter’s Choice: Bride Book 1) by Tiffany Wilde

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    Sometimes, love shows up when you least expect it.

    With a little help from her friends …

    Amber Daniels has just called off her third engagement. It’s not that she’s afraid of commitment; her best friends are both married, and Amber’s been desperately searching for her own Mr. Right.

    But the guys keep turning out to be Mr. Wrong instead. So Kara and Tammy make her promise she won’t get engaged again unless she’s ready to go through with it.

    And then–in the fine tradition of best friends–they set her up.

    And a little help from the Internet …

    Bear shifter Cliff Hanson knows it’s time to settle down with his mate. He’s more than ready–he’s even fixed up a house for his future bride. Now he just has to find her.

    Fortunately for him, there’s Shifter’s Choice–an agency that lets him search an online registry of shifter-friendly women. When he sees Amber and her luscious curves, he and his bear know she’s the one. What they don’t know is that her friends are making the arrangements.

    They still might need a little help from fate …

    After a week full of awful news, Amber’s planning a pity party for one. She’s completely unprepared for the big, burly stranger who shows up at her door, looking sexier than any man has a right to.

    He’s oh so tempting … but his timing couldn’t be worse. Will Amber send her HEA away, or can Cliff persuade his unsuspecting mate to give him a chance?