Brenda Sparks

  • Alpha Revealed by Brenda Sparks

    0 out of 5

    Natasha Peterhoff is the luckiest vampire in the world, at least she feels that way the night of her brother, Nicholai’s, wedding. Having pined over the sexy, but aloof Vladimir Starikovich for centuries, her feelings are finally reciprocated when the pair are drawn to each other and end up making love. Unfortunately, all too soon, the light of day dawns, and the couple must part ways.
    Once back in his home in Siberia, Vlad is overcome by doubts. Not only will Natasha’s brother kill him for sleeping with her, but his own past is reason enough to keep her away. His sire, Sergei, killed Vlad’s family, the grief almost taking his sanity in the process. He vows to do everything in his power to keep Natasha from the same fate, even it if means never seeing her again.
    When Natasha returns to her vacation home in Australia, she discovers she left Nicholai’s wedding with a gift of her own—a baby. Determined not to be a burden on Vlad, she decides to keep the baby a secret. But secrets have a way of coming out.
    With so many reasons to stay apart, will the ties that bind be strong enough to pull them together?

  • Alpha Eternal by Brenda Sparks

    0 out of 5

    Alexander Hall is a fun-loving vampire whose duty comes before all else, except maybe finding a heartmate. Discouraged when he is assigned to infiltrate a demonic compound, Alex plans on getting in and out fast, but fate has other plans. Once Alex discovers a sexy demon from his past is chosen as his guide, he couldn’t be more pleased.
    Shira is a demon who likes to keep to herself, so when the demon king asks her to be Alex’s guide, she couldn’t be less pleased. Keeping the vampire from discovering demon secrets quickly becomes a full-time job. A job she didn’t ask for and most definitely doesn’t want.
    With Alex’s desire for someone to commit his heart to and Shira looking to run as far away as possible, this vampire has his work cut out for him if he is to win her love.

  • Deadly Alpha by Brenda Sparks

    0 out of 5

    Hot sex. No regrets. Vampire Marcus Botticelli has spent his life playing the role of the fun-loving playboy. Unfortunately that lifestyle came to an abrupt end for Marcus when his life was turned upside down by his sire. Now in a new city, a new home, he hopes to make a fresh start.

    Set on some big changes in her own life, Christina Prescott’s plans are sidetracked when she meets the rich and powerful Marcus. As the nurse mends the Alpha’s broken heart, he isn’t the only one who needs healing when a depraved darkness seeps into their lives.

    As passion burns between the two, evil works to smother the flame of love and separate the heartmates for its own gain. With his heartmate missing, Marcus fears his claim to everlasting love will be destroyed and he will be damned to a life of insanity without Christina.