Brenda G. Bradley

  • Dirty Thoughts by Brenda G. Bradley

    0 out of 5

    This novella has romance, suspense and humor. Jocelyn has worked in the financial sector since graduating from college. To her dismay after ten years of working for the same company, she is laid off. The marriage to her gorgeous “Mr. Right” has failed miserably. After her marriage fails, she had vowed to never love again and to remain celibate.

    Ramon is the owner of Holliday Paints. He is tired of women wanting him for what he can provide for them. Jocelyn makes him laugh and is fun. She has one flaw though; she is the worst dressed woman he has ever met, yet she fascinates him. The harder Ramon tries to get her into his bed, the harder Jocelyn avoids his advances.

    Someone is out to destroy Holliday Paints. Why? Who has it in for Ramon? Read this funny, suspenseful, romantic novel to find the answers.