• Jessica’s Baby Bang by Kitty Laporte

    0 out of 5

    It was not an easy sell. How do you tell your husband of four years that you want him to watch you with a bunch of strangers and that one of them will be the father of his child? But that was the sell, and frankly, it was the best I had…

    Jessica and Jim are happily married but Jessica desperately wants a baby, when Jim is unable to make one with her, they both come up with a plan to impregnate her that will push their desires to the limit.

    Readers should be warned that this story contains highly explicit and graphic sexual descriptions.

  • Taking the Bride by Isla Chiu

    0 out of 5

    I was supposed to get married to Christopher Harrington, a sweet and cute accountant. But then my ex Zachary Ellroy—an insanely wealthy and drop-dead gorgeous movie star—showed up, telling me that he was the man I should be marrying instead.

    Even crazier? He said he wanted to put a baby inside of me…

    ***A sexy and romantic short story featuring a reluctant bride, an alpha male who knows what he wants, and baby-making action!***

    WORD COUNT: 4,000

  • Cuckolded By Her Ex by J.R. Williams

    0 out of 5

    Chris thought he had the perfect life. He had a beautiful wife, Brittany, and had just been promoted at work. But when he and his wife go out to a club to celebrate his big promotion, they run into an old flame of Brittany’s … the tall, handsome up-and-coming rapper Turrell. When Turrell’s charisma manages to reignite the spark between he and Brittany, Chris starts to question everything he thought he knew about his relationship.

    As Turrell starts spending more and more time with Brittany, it becomes clear that he’s taking over Chris’s life. But can Chris accept his knew role as a pathetic, sniveling cuckold? Or will Turrell have to force him to submit?

  • The Earth King’s Bounty by Cordova Skye

    0 out of 5

    Ninia is the Bride: untouched, beautiful, and chosen as the annual sacrifice to the god of fertility and the fields. Her purity will be offered up on his earthen altar, and if he is pleased with her, the bounty he sows in her womb will ensure her people’s prosperity for another year.

    It is a heavy burden of responsibility for a young woman, but as the ritual proceeds Ninia feels her own feminine power welling within her. When she meets her divine husband, it will be as his equal, and he will have to claim her before he can take her.

    This sizzling short is over 7000 words of sexy, fertile fun, with Ninia being pursued, plowed, and passionately filled to bursting.

  • Grace’s Special Project by Cordova Skye

    0 out of 5

    After developing a revolutionary fertility drug for livestock, one with a nearly 100% conception rate, Dr. Grace Johansson is thrilled to have her hard work recognized. A month long vacation on her boss’s private island seems like the perfect way to unwind, and if one of the perks is a little quality time with the sexy billionaire in charge, she’s not going to complain. At least, not until she learns that he belongs to an exclusive club, one filled with men dedicated to spreading their seed, and he intends for Grace to be the first human test subject of her own drug.

    Before she knows it, Grace’s belly is swelling…and her boss is going to make sure she enjoys every fertile second of her new life.

    This 7000+ word erotic breeding story is intended for adults only. Includes impregnation, lactation, and sex during pregnancy.

  • Plowed and Planted by the Shemale

    0 out of 5

    Laura desperately wants to have a baby, but without a boyfriend her chances of getting pregnant are nonexistent. Only Michelle, a trainer at the fitness center she visits, sees Laura's emptiness.

    The sleek and fit Michelle has an unexpected solution to Laura's problem, a big solution that she will gladly wield – hard, without protection, and right there in the locker room – to fill Laura completely and give her the baby she wants.