• Tricked by the Brat by Lana McRae

    0 out of 5

    While the man of the house is away, the brat will play! Jess is a younger woman on a mission – to shed her “good girl” image before starting her first year of college. Always there for her whenever she needs saving, I come running to her rescue again after receiving a text. However, Jess isn’t acting like her usual sweet self. Instead she’s begging to be taken hard and without protection. Can I resist her feminine wiles? Or will my desire to fill her up win out?

  • Giving in the the Brat by Lana McRae

    0 out of 5

    “Ty, do you know how much I really love you?” I blurt. I’m glad it’s dark and he can’t see my face because it just turned a thousand shades of red.
    Emily: I have always had a thing for Tyler. He was a little older, popular and oh, so cool. My admiration for him had grown stronger over the years, from an innocent crush to a deeper connection. Could I tell him? More importantly, should I tell him? There’s a lot to lose if I do.

    The young man of the house knows how to make an innocent young lady beg for more, hard and unprotected.