• The Keyhole by Albina Nahar

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    DESCRIPTION – Have you wondered what goes on inside an underground sex club? Curious about what makes people embrace such a decadent erotic lifestyle? If you’re ready to make your fantasies a reality just take a peek through The Keyhole… you won’t believe what they’re doing inside!

    For Debra visiting The Keyhole Club was all about escaping her loveless marriage. But she discovers you can’t cast off a lifetime of inhibitions in one night. She’ll have to build up to it by sampling all the erotic delights life has to offer. Come along and experience Deb’s sensual odyssey as she dabbles in domination, explores sex in public, becomes a voracious voyeur and even stars in her own passionate live performance! Those are just some of the intimate delights waiting for you inside The Keyhole- the first sizzling installment of the new Keyhole Club book series. Welcome to The Keyhole Club… we’ve been waiting for you.