• Enticed by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle

    0 out of 5

    Are the demons truly gone?

    The gargoyles remain on watch.

    And her friend is trapped in an incubus-induced coma.

    Larissa, a Boston police officer, encountered the red-winged monsters during their rampage. The chaotic aftermath prevents rest any time soon. And a question remains unanswered—how was she able to combat demons using nothing but her hands?

    Her new lover, Roman, a gargoyle shifter, believes it’s because she’s she’s a witch. Ridiculous, right? She’s a cop, like her dad. But, normal cops don’t shoot bolts of energy at demons…

    When she glimpses another supernatural threat, Larissa struggles with the vision. Is it her imagination tormenting her? Or worse—another premonition?

  • Wanting the Wizard by Delilah Lefevre

    0 out of 5

    Psion Todd Theron is off to Boston Magical University. With classic good looks and a potentially paranormal but unknown charm, Todd’s never struggled for a woman’s attention. That is, until he meets Maggie, who seems strangely resistant to him.

    Wizard Maggie McKay is focused on making it through school without the usual distractions of partying and sexy men. Homework and classes come first, second is finding time to brew potions for sale on the side. After all, tuition isn’t cheap. Despite her best efforts, Todd may prove to be a distraction she can’t ignore.

    But things go awry when an accident of Maggie’s own brewing hits the pair of them. Will their night of unintended passion and intense emotions leave them at odds? Or will their budding relationship survive fraternity politics and the temptations of others?

  • Home Run or Foul Ball – Boston Romance Series: A Baseball Thrown Into A Love Story by Betty Caroli

    0 out of 5

    Katie Fox, CBS Reporter in Boston, loves the Red Sox. Truthfully, she drools over any man in a uniform. When her co-worker produces Green Monster tickets, she cannot refuse the invitation. She has no idea she’ll be the object of a beer drenching and have to fight for a home run baseball.

    Leo Cassinelli, a Boston police officer, has a motto that he tries to uphold. Stay clear of redheads…they’re crazy. Unfortunately, one almost falls into his lap while trying to catch a home run baseball. He might have drenched her with beer but he nearly drowns in her vivid green eyes.

    When she begins to argue over ownership of the ball, he sees opportunity and watches her drool. Unfortunately for her, he takes the ball to Autograph Alley and brags to his brother about selling it online.

    Who is the other man in her life? And will Katie every convince Leo to let her have the autographed baseball?

    What other monster in their lives is lying in wait?

    Neither expects their relationship will be a home run. Both have no idea that the other monster is lurking about. Join the twists, turns, and suspense wrapped up in comedy.

    Quote from book:

    A plan immediately forms in my mind. Noticing the guy that she’d been with wasn’t around, I head toward her. When I’m near enough, I loudly say, “You owe me a beer. Or should I suck mine out of your…shirt?”

  • Boston Chase: Boston Marathon – Chasing Love (Boston Romance Series Book 6) by Betty Caroli

    0 out of 5

    Katie Sprint and her mother prepare for the Boston marathon every year. Katie has no idea that this year, her life will be changed forever.

    Micah Chase likes to keep part of his life hidden from everyone. He has many facets but even his family isn’t privy to some of them. There were many people that might even say he led two lives. That doesn’t stop him from catching Katie’s attention. Likewise, she catches his too.

    The day started with a flat tire soon but progresses to nursing a stab wound. Katie could easily say she’d never experienced a day quite like it. She was sure she’d never forget it, especially because it was the day before the Boston marathon.

    The irony of their last names isn’t lost on anyone. Micah jokes that he’ll chase her anytime she likes. Katie can’t believe the way his playfulness and everything else between them drives their chemistry wild. Neither has ever experienced anything quite like it.

    What is Micah’s other life and why does he want to hide it? How will Katie feel when she discovers that Micah is actually the one and only K. M. Chase?