• The Belle Amour by Katie Mills Bellows

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    Three Sexy Tales from the Old West.

    Legend has it that the town of Majestic Peak, Colorado is built on the sight where ancient Indian lovers would come to “honeymoon”. The mountain, they believed, seemed to contain a natural aphrodisiac. Whether the legend is true or not, the sexual energy of Majestic Peak is undeniable. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Belle Amour bordello.

    Bedding Abigail — A love affair gone wrong brings Abigail Bingham to Majestic Peak to visit her childhood friend Clarice Atkins. It doesn’t take long for Abigail to realize that Clarice has turned her late husband’s hotel into a high-class bordello. In the meantime, Abigail has caught the eye of the local sheriff, who hatches a plan to get Abigail into his bed if only for one night.

    Possessing Penelope — Fleeing an unhappy marriage, Penelope Jones ends up in Majestic Peak where she finds an advertisement for a singer to perform in the Belle Amour ballroom. On the way to interview for the job, she sees the Cheyenne mountain guide, John Stalkingwolf. It is lust-at-first-sight for this pair, but Penelope has one problem: she’s still a married woman, and John wants to possess her body and heart free and clear.

    Courting Clarice — When Clarice’s parents decide to come out west for a visit, she has one big problem. Her parents have no clue that she owns a bordello, and Clarice has no desire to tell them the truth. Local rancher, Matt Adler makes a bold proposal, and it might be an offer that Clarice can’t refuse.