Bo Blaze

  • 50 Shades Of Curious: BDSM For Beginners by Bo Blaze, PCC

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    In his new book, 50 Shades of Curious- BDSM for Beginners, America’s favorite Fifty Shades of Grey coach, BDSM educator Bo Blaze, PCC draws from his over 20 years of experience to provide an accessible introduction to the mysterious worlds of kinky sex and BDSM. Written for a diverse audience and friendly to those who have little to no experience with concepts like dominance and submission or S&M, the book discusses the ins and outs of the physical, psychological, emotional, and technical aspects of BDSM and serves as an indispensible primer to those who want to introduce kink to their sex lives, but are not sure where to seek guidance. Readers will learn about terminology and relationship models. They will discover play techniques, contexts, and implements. They will learn about safety, healthy communication, and the joys and potential pitfalls of exploring their fantasies. And they will benefit from the author’s detailed and fascinating discussion of issues like pain & punishment, monogamy & ethical non-monogamy, and self acceptance. No other book on the market offers such a comprehensive inroad into BDSM and alternative lifestyles…nor one as engaging and honest.