blackmailed for sex

  • Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife 2 by Peter Speed

    0 out of 5

    How low would you go to save your marriage?

    Beautiful yummy mummy Laura Evans is being pushed to her limits by odious neighbour Barry Rex.

    Blackmailed into bed, the married MILF immediately regrets agreeing to Barry’s lustful proposal.

    In return for her sexual favours, Barry has promised not to reveal the secrets that could end her marriage.

    But as Laura begins to get dragged further into Barry’s depraved world, she can feel her life collapsing around her.

    Unable to confide in the loyal husband that she is desperately trying to protect from the truth, she finds herself trapped by Barry’s sordid plans.

    Laura is desperate to turn the tables on her blackmailer, who seems to take delight at humiliating her at every opportunity.

    A trip to the cinema – their first public date – sounds harmless enough.

    But nothing is ever straight-forward where Barry is concerned.

  • Reluctant Girlfriend: The Thugs’ Sex Demand by Peter Speed

    0 out of 5

    The choice is stark: either your boyfriend goes to prison or you agree to become a sex plaything for a twisted gang of thugs.

    That’s the nightmare facing curvy blonde Sophie Nicholls.

    A late night punch-up between Sophie’s boyfriend Kev Houseman and the drug-dealing gang has major repercussions for everyone involved.

    Having filmed the violent outburst, the manipulative gang make an offer to the couple: they’ll take the incriminating phone footage to the police – unless Sophie agrees to submit to their perverted desires.

    With Kev serving a suspended sentence for another violent assault, he would certainly face prison if he appeared in front of the courts again.

    It leaves Sophie facing the unthinkable – agreeing to the gang’s sordid deal and their degrading demands.

    Sophie will do anything to keep her lover out of prison – but does she realize how far she’ll have to sink to do so?

  • Blackmail: the neighbour’s wife by Peter Speed

    0 out of 5

    Yummy mummy Laura Evans has it all – a beautiful woman with two kids and a husband who adores her.

    Barry Rex lives next door. He’s approaching retirement, overweight, deeply unhappy at work and at home, and watches Laura’s husband Rich with a deep-rooted envy.

    Then one day, fate presents Barry with an unexpected opportunity – blackmail.

    Discovering a secret about Laura, he presents her with a stark choice: either become his sex slave or see her marriage ruined.

    Laura loathes her neighbour – but will she play his sordid games to save her seemingly idyllic lifestyle?

  • Venus From Teacher to Whore by Elizabeth Thorn

    0 out of 5

    If only Venus Rosemund, a respected teacher and married woman, had known how her once favorite student would one day become her worst nightmare.

    One who would have her shed tears of shame at experiencing forbidden pleasure.

    Turning the once self-respecting woman into what she could shamefully only describe as a cock-hungry slut.

    Making her wonder if there will be anything left of her self-esteem as her student pushes her to the boundaries of what she can bear physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    Will she cave in and permanently be the whore that he is working hard at turning her into or will she escape from his grasp?