• Bizarre Stories by Greybeard

    0 out of 5

    X-Rated – Adult Content

    Six bizarre stories about life’s adventures, pitfalls, and rewards. Oh, yeah, and lotza’ sexy babes.

    1. The guy that lets his woman know she’d best not mess around. She won’t like the consequences.

    2. A futuristic bizarre space adventure in which dreams do come true.

    3. A modern day witch, a black cat with unusual green eyes, and a sexy, slinky woman with similar eyes.

    4. A good friend gives a girl a gift of her handsome stranger fantasy.

    5. A near-future main battle tank, a time vortex, a mid-evil castle, a challenge, and sexy women all over the place.

    6. You ever have one of those days? Beware whose sex life you mess with.