biker romance

  • War (Satan’s Pride Book 2) by AG Kirkham

    0 out of 5

    They call him ‘War’. Growing up without a family to call his own, Xander Cole spent a lot of time on the streets. Time had changed him. Hardened him. But his inner turmoil—the war inside—always raged on, eventually leading him to Satan’s Pride, the Motorcycle Club and band of brothers he came to consider family. They patched him in as War for his loyalty and willingness to fight for the Pride. Life with the MC is everything he’s ever wanted, and the only thing he thinks he’ll ever need—until he meets Maddie Holden, and suddenly, there’s something he needs even more.

    Music has been Maddie’s solace for as long as she can remember. After a turbulent upbringing, Maddie left home at seventeen to form the band, The Smoking Guns, with her brother, Paul. But just as their band starts taking off, Maddie suffers a traumatic experience at the hands of a crazed fan, who obsesses over her, stalks her, and ultimately holds her against her will. Maddie retreats from performing in the band. Until one day, Guard, the President of the Satan’s Pride MC, approaches the band with a request. He wants The Smoking Guns to perform for his wedding anniversary, and that includes Maddie.

    Guard assigns War as Maddie’s bodyguard, to protect her and keep her safe from a stalker –a job War is ever so eager to manage. With War at her side, Maddie’s confidence, passion for life and provocative side blossoms. Will War find the one thing he needs?

  • The Hunters Rage by Elizabeth N. Harris

    0 out of 5

    Book two of Rage MC.

    She was left for dead, discarded, her heart and soul shattered. Her body torn apart and the man of her dreams turned into the man of her nightmares.

    He was betrayed by the one woman he loved. His heart turned to stone and he became a machine for the MC. Not even his brothers pierced his heart.

    Then a can of worms is opened, a tattoo seen that can’t be unseen, wounds open that never healed and an MC bleeds again. History is about to be re-written, but it’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be nice and it going to be bloody.

  • Never Coming Down: Mountain Misfits MC Book 1 by Deja Voss

    0 out of 5

    All he has to do is strike one match to bring all her secrets to light
    Only a Mountain Misfit would find opportunity in his own little brother’s motorcycle accident.
    An opportunity to finally get Sloan right where I want her. Not just for the night, but for the rest of our lives.
    She’s going to be my wife. She’s going to be the queen of the Mountain Misfits MC.
    She has everything I need to wash this blood from my hands.
    Everything I need to help save my club from my father’s appetite for destruction.
    The fact that he hates her more than he hates himself makes me want her even more.
    And now…
    I’m going to throw her on the back of my bike and give her everything she wants.

    It was supposed to be a one night stand with a big bad biker I’ve been crushing on for months.
    I’ve already put my promising career at risk by tampering with police evidence and getting tangled up in their questionable club ethics,
    but now that I’m up here on this mountain, not just in his bed but in his world, I don’t ever want to come back down.
    I’m safe here from my life below. Safe unless someone finds out the dark secrets of my past.
    And if they do… when they do… this man who I’m falling in love with will probably be the one who ends my life.

    Never Coming Down is a 75,000 word full length motorcycle club novel with no cheating, a HEA, and a super sweet never before released epilogue, and absolutely NO cliffhanger. It features themes of violence, drugs, and lots of steam. Make sure you check out Above & Below to get up to speed on Gavin and Sloan’s backstory before you dive into this book

  • Hard Rider by Lydia Pax

    0 out of 5


    Nobody screws me. I take who I want, when I want, and I always leave them wanting more.

    I want more too. Hurt this deep doesn’t heal.

    After meeting June, I know she’s the fix I need for the pain.

    Her family’s full of cops? So what?

    All I want is her. Those luscious curves, the lips that won’t quit, hips that make my heart pound like a drum.

    My outlaw brothers say me and her together will tear this whole town apart.

    I don’t give a damn.


    I never wanted to come home. There’s nothing here but old wounds too bitter to heal.

    The day I returned, I met Ram. He’s an outlaw biker built like a god, but there’s nothing divine about his desires.

    When he tells me he needs an old lady to stay in his club, we start a dangerous charade.

    He gets a woman and time. I get my sheriff dad off my back. Breathing room.

    But every breath around Ram is lightning hot and undeniable.

    I can’t be with him for real. He’s every kind of wrong there’s ever been. Unless we’re careful, we’ll rip our lives apart.

    But what’s happening between us feels too right to ignore, no matter the cost…”

  • Phantom Riders MC – Hawk by Tory Richards

    0 out of 5

    Ultimate betrayal leaves Hawk, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, distrustful and hating women. He only wants them for one thing now, and once he’s satisfied his animal urges he casts them aside without a second thought. But then Audra shows up, threatening his club and his way of life, and Hawk has to decide to turn the sexy, pint-sized package of trouble loose, or claim her for his own.

  • Dark Menace MC by Tory Richards

    0 out of 5

    Rachel offers herself to Stone, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, as collateral for her family’s debt, and becomes the target of a rival club. Wildman, president of the Red Devils, wants her, but so does Stone–and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from the evil bastard who calls himself her step-father.

  • Wicked Alphas: Bad Boys of BDSM Novella Collection No. 2 by C.J. Sneere

    0 out of 5

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Two novellas filled with hot shifter man love from Amazon and All Romance bestseller C.J. Sneere. Stories of sexy, tough alphas caught up in intrigue, deception, and scorching passion. Bad boy bikers, arrogant billionaires, and werewolf detectives.

    This collection includes:

    Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3

    Their tempers burn hot. Their chemistry burns hotter.

    Haden is trouble walking, and the last thing Taggart ‘Tag’ Wells needs in his life. But the big biker has promised to protect him. The Nighthawks are out for Haden’s blood, and the bear shifter would just as soon give this wannabe tough guy over to them, but loyalty to his MC comes first. Something about the hazel eyed prospect brings out the beast in Tag. Can Haden’s charms soften his heart, or will they lead him into dangerous territory?

    Bad Boy Alphas: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 4

    Mystery. Murder. Alphas with attitude.

    Kit Harrison hates his boss Liam Briggs. Heir to the wealthy Briggs werewolf clan, this music mogul is insufferably arrogant. But after a major project catastrophically fails on Liam, Kit sees another side of the record producer, and they begin a tempestuous relationship.

    Enter Peter Briggs, Liam’s older brother who is a homicide detective with the supernatural police department. His arrival uncovers shocking secrets that challenge Kit’s loyalties. When Kit ends up in Peter’s bed, he finds himself torn between two powerful shifters.

    Dominant males collide, and the passion grows hot and heavy.

    Bonus Story: Barista Boys by C.J. Sneere

    Bonus Story: Lust Times Two by Roxxy Meyer

    Bonus Excerpts

  • Captivated (a steamy biker romance) by Ella Els

    0 out of 5

    When Darla’s cousin Vinnie screws up, yet again, it lands her in the cage of the local ‘Dragons’ motorcycle club. Livid, she demands to be set free immediately, refusing to give into the effect one biker has on her in particular. When she’s offered a deal in exchange for Vinnie’s safety despite him losing the club’s shipment and disappearing, Darla takes it, but try as she might, Link’s effect on her starts to wear at her resistance while she works to pay off her cousin’s debt.

    An unusual biker Romance.

  • BDSM Mega Boxed Set by Anita Lawless

    0 out of 5

    Over 1000 pages of BDSM romance! Bad boys, bikers, billionaires and so much more. This BDSM mega boxed set includes smoking hot stories filled with man love, mmf, mfm, and mmm ménage romance, plus mf romance with ménage scenes. Climb between the pages of naughty fairy tales, get lost in the elite world of Surrender Inc., and ride with dangerous bad boys.

    This book is intended for an audience 18 years or older. It contains explicit romance scenes.

    PLEASE NOTE: This mega boxed set includes the Surrender Boxed Set. If you’ve already purchased it, you might want to skip this new release, so you don’t end up reading some stories you’ve already read.

    This mega boxed set includes:

    50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Wild & Lawless Collection No. 2, which includes:

    Janet The Giant Lover (MMF)

    The Executive’s New Clothes (MF/MMF)

    Beauty Tames The Beasts (MMF)

    The Little Mermaid (MMF)

    50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Wild & Lawless Collection No. 1, which includes:

    Sleeping With Beauty (MF)

    The Ugly Duckling (MF)

    Cindy Eller (MF)

    Hans & Greg (MM)

    Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3 (MM/MMM)

    Claimed by the Bad Boy: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 2 (MF with ménage scenes)

    Bad Boy Werewolf: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 1 (MF)

    Surrender Forever: Surrender Series Vol. 1 (MF)

    Surrender Ever After: Surrender Series Vol. 2 (MMF)

    Surrender To His Command: Surrender Series Vol. 3 (MF)

    Surrender To His Game: Surrender Series Vol. 4 (MF)

    Surrender To His Proposition: Surrender Series Vol. 5 (MMF)

    Surrender To His Demands: Surrender Series Vol. 6 (MM)

    Surrender To His Pleasure: Surrender Series Vol. 7 (MFM)

    Bonus Excerpt: Bad Boy Alphas: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 4 (MM/MMM)

    Bonus Story: Lust Times Two (MMF)

    Bonus Story: Slave to Her Wicked Desires (MF)

    Bonus Material