Bethany Hyde

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    Sometimes you have to surrender everything to find freedom.

    Sheila had it all: A beautiful home, a job she enjoyed, and a loving family. Then, tragedy struck. She watches helplessly as her world crumbles around her. Her inability to deal with her loss sends her husband packing, and she has no idea what to do with herself. She shuts down entirely, unable to function. Then, Sheila meets Victor, a Master who shows her the freedom to be found in allowing herself to fully experience her pain. She’s skeptical at first, then curious. But if Sheila can learn to give up control, she might finally be free to move on.

    Billionaire dom Victor thought he’d recovered from his wife’s death-until he sees Sheila for the first time. The resemblance is striking. He sees their chance encounter as a way to make up for failing to save his wife. In the course of helping Sheila comes to terms with her loss, he discovers how to heal himself.

    Fans of Sylvia Day and Abigail Barnette will love this sexy, refreshing peek into life at a BDSM house.