best forbidden love books

  • Blue Jellyfish’ Dubious Alibi: Alien invasion romance books by Elena Zhuravleva

    0 out of 5

    It would be better if he stayed at home that day…
    A regular guy went fishing and suddenly met a beautiful but unusual creature who needed love and earthly sex. A monster in the guise of a beautiful woman? Scared, he ran away and tried to forget… But suddenly this beautiful creature became a part of his life when he saw somebody trying to kill it. He hurried to save it, but where is it now?
    It is a love story without a definite happy end. They are too different. Why does he need monster love? How can they be together?

  • Temptation of Unholy Maria: The Girl with the Transparent Skin by Elena Zhuravleva

    0 out of 5

    An ancient monastery patronizes a clinic, which treats girls who have experienced abuse in their childhoods. One of them, as a child, chose her father herself, a respectable professor from France. He adopted her. At first, life was beautiful, but a relationship with her adoptive father and her neighbor’s close attention changed everything…Then her father died. Years passed, and her father’s face appear on the video on the Internet, where they both were dancing a very indecent tango. What else would the unknown show? Was it blackmail? If so, why did the blackmailer demand nothing? To find the answers, the heroine goes to te small French town where she had spent her childhood, and then to her homeland, in the heart of ancient Kiev. The search leads her to the underground caves of the ancient monastery.
    Trapped, alone with death, the heroine will not surrender. It seems that is where she’ll find the answer to the question of why her relatives abandoned her as a baby…

  • Blue Jellyfish’ Dubious Alibi: Forbidden love (best forbidden love books) by Elena Zhuravleva

    0 out of 5

    This meeting completely changed his life. And now he must answer the question: “If one day an alien comes into your life and wants you to love her, can you refuse her?”