• Tides of Hope by Dawn Tomasko

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    For Sara Shepard, no place is dearer to her heart than Nantucket Island. Having visited every summer for years, it’s the one place she truly feels at home. To escape a toxic childhood, she ran straight into marriage with a high school friend. She discovers safety isn’t enough to sustain a marriage. With her estranged husband medically discharged from the Marines suffering from PTSD, life once again becomes unsafe. Now with a loveless marriage over, and her relationship with her teenaged daughter in shambles, she returns to Nantucket. Determined to rebuild her life, Sara begins a journey in search of peace, self-discovery and a way to follow her passion.

    When the CEO of a successful investment firm, surrounded by money, women, and prestige, twice on the cover of Forbes, walks away from it all, one could expect backlash. Who does that? Gabriel Donovan, for one. Now living on Nantucket, he’s more than content working as a historic restoration specialist. Finally, he’s doing work that brings real satisfaction. He considers being far away from the drama tearing his family apart a bonus.

    When Gabriel is hired to restore the beach cottage Sara is renting, they’re blindsided by the fierce attraction they feel. Both burned in the past, forever is not in the equation. But they will consider a hot summer fling. Neither suspects they have stumbled into the arms of the one person who can make all the difference.