• Atlantic City Nazi by Charles Frankhauser

    0 out of 5

    Before WWII a Nazi spy (a showgirl) feigns interest in a poor lonely young man living with nearly destitute musicians playing a gig in a rundown bar in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Ruby entices him with several capers yielding pocket change from pushcarts on the Boardwalk to romance under the Boardwalk in an effort to lure him into espionage with her spy ring. RC succumbs to her charms and the rest is history including a tragic plot involving the Hindenburg’s arrival at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. RC and his new companions travel by boat from Atlantic City to Key West while conducting a beach survey for the German General Staff. Ruby is recalled to Germany leaving RC with a boatload of cash to purchase booze to improve the morale of U-Boat crews on long deployments along America’s coastline. A US sailor mentions payday loans and the start of an illegal banking industry takes hold using German owned American money. RC rises in terms of wealth and social status. Newport weddings and scrapes with the FBI generate thrills and adventure.