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  • Rock My Beat by Everly Bloom

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    -Jimmy Sharp-

    -Jenna O’Hare-

  • The Doctor & The Vampire by Dara Moats

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    Dr Alexa Ramirez is shocked to find the alluringly sexy Dane Thorne unconscious outside her clinic. She saves his life and is drawn to this enigmatic man in ways she can’t explain.

  • Threat by Tia Lewis

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  • Arrogant Prick (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance) by Tessa Thorne

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    The mafia princess is off-limits. Good thing I don’t have any f*cking limits.

    I’m a dangerous man.

    The targets on my hit list can’t hide from me. Men cower before me. And women can’t resist my ripped, tattooed body.

    I get everything I want.

    And all I want is revenge. That motherf*cker Don Pavoni executed my parents, and for that he’ll pay in blood.

    Then I see her. Alessandra. Her curves make me hard as a f*cking diamond. Those luscious lips look perfect wrapped around my c*ck. Her gorgeous dark eyes beg me to set her free from her gilded cage… one glance and I’m hooked. She’s mine.

    Just one problem. She’s Don Pavoni’s daughter.

    This time, I can’t have it all. It’s either revenge or Alessandra, and I don’t know which one tastes sweeter…

  • Bad Boy (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance) by Willow Winters

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    I’m a dangerous man. It only takes one panty-dropping, mouth-watering look to know it. You may be fooled by my good looks and charm.

    I’m the hitman for the Valetti familia, and I’m f*cking good at it. They want men to talk, and I make them talk. They want men gone–bang, it’s done. It’s as simple as that.

    Until her.

    She’s on my list, but I f*cking want her. On her knees and submitting to my every command.

    I’ll give her a simple choice — die, or be mine.

  • Bad Girl (A Bad Boy Mafia Romance) by Willow Winters

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    I’m not a good man, but I’ve never claimed to be. I’m the muscle for the Valetti crime family, and I fit the part with my hard, ripped abs, broad shoulders and cocky attitude.

    All I wanted was a taste of her tempting, forbidden curves. One moment of hot, wild passion, and I’m f*cking addicted.

    She’s too good for me, but that’s not gonna stop me from taking her.

  • Havok by Riley Rollins

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    His love is a death sentence.


    I’m a hitman for the Russian mafia, a savage killer. I stalk my targets with bloodlust in my heart, while my family rots away in the wet Moscow soil. I’ve got nothing. No one.

    Then I met her. Such a sweet little thing, her body driving me wild up on that stage. But there’s so much torment in those baby blues. She’s too good for this life, too good for a murderer like me.

    My mission was just a side job. Kidnap her, cash her out for a cool hundred grand.

    F*ck that. Not with those killer curves and those submissive eyes that beg for my domination. I’m gonna take her and protect her until the bitter end, even if it means slaughtering every last son of a b*tch in this city.

    I just can’t protect her from myself.

  • Wanted: A Monster Billionaire Romance by Jani Kay and Normandie Alleman

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    I spent the last five years locked in a cage for a crime I didn’t commit.

    Crucified by the press and social media. Hated by all.

    But now that I’m a free man, I’m determined to prove I’m not the evil mastermind everyone thinks I am.

    I just need someone to believe in me.

    Someone like Addison James…


    Foster Cruise is sexy as hell and worth billions. But he destroyed my family.

    He may have gone to prison, but he hasn’t paid nearly enough for what I’ve lost.

    He has no idea who I am, but I’m determined to prove what the law failed to—and put him back behind bars where he belongs.

    I’ll offer him my body and sell my soul to that handsome-as-hell devil to make things right.

    Trouble is, I’m afraid he’s already stolen my heart.

  • Player: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by Aubrey Irons

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    I accidentally married the BIGGEST bad boy in pro football…

    I was born into the high life: private schools, finishing classes – groomed to look pretty hanging on a rich man’s arm.

    That is, until I walk in on my fiancé f*cking his secretary across his desk.

    Now I’m a princess on the run, and escape from the life I never wanted steers me right into the last man I’d ever call a prince charming.

    Austin Taylor is the crude, arrogant pro quarterback with cocky cowboy smile and the notorious tabloid record longer than his- well…

    A princess like me should have nothing to do with a beast of a man like that, except Austin Taylor has an offer I may not be able to refuse.

    Half a million dollars to be his trophy wife.

    It’s fake, of course – all a show for the cameras and the press to rehab his bad boy reputation.

    Fake, that is, until we wake up actually married in Vegas.


    Now I’m really married to the most notorious, most possessive, most gorgeous man in pro football. The man with the glint in his eyes that gets me hot in places it shouldn’t. The man who’s dirty, filthy words have me melting for him.

    Oh, right, and the man who’s baby I’m carrying.


  • Dangerous: Made & broken by Nora Ash

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    “I never thought I’d marry a bad boy—let alone a killer.”


    I fight, I kill, and I f*ck. I’m not the marrying type.

    But in my line of work, you do what the Family tells you, or you’re dead.

    I thought an arranged marriage to some bird I didn’t know would be bad enough. Then she walked down the aisle. The only one who knows my secret—the one person who’s ever seen my weakness.

    The only woman who wants nothing to do with me.

    I should hate her, but when I look at her, I know she was meant to be mine.

    And one way or the other, I will make her surrender.


    When I ran away eight years ago, I thought I’d escaped the underworld I’d always known.

    I made a life for myself. I thought I was free. Then my past came knocking at my door.

    Now I’m marrying the son of London’s biggest crime family. A man who hates me as much as I hate him. He’s ruthless, brutal, and dangerous—everything I’ve always feared.

    He’s taken away the life I built, he’s taken my freedom. And now, I fear he’s taken my sanity, too.

    How else could I have ended up pregnant with his baby?

    **Dangerous is a full-length romance novel with a guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!**