bad boy alpha

  • Playing Me by Jenny Lynn

    0 out of 5

    Rockstar Archer Evans has an image problem, but his record label has a solution – manufacture a fake relationship with sweet new singer Corinne Williams. Away from the cameras, Archer has decided he wants more. Will Corinne give in to temptation, and risk heartbreak with music’s biggest bad boy?

  • The All Encompassing by May Ellis Daniels

    0 out of 5


    Two words. Biker dirtbag. Or how about: not interested?

    Well…maybe a little. Okay, a lot.

    But a rookie cop and an outlaw biker Prez? We all know what that is.

    Way more trouble than it’s worth.

    Only there’s more to the Prez than meets the eye.

    And let me tell you, what meets the eye is plenty fine.

    Even when the fangs and claws come out. Or especially when they come out.

    Maybe there’s more to me as well. Something I’ve kept hidden. Locked away.

    A secret desire. A hunger.

    Maybe the Predator outlaw understands what I need.

    What my animal needs when she rages against the cage I’ve built for her…


    The cop girl doesn’t have a clue. Zero. She’s living blind.

    A weak, worthless Skin. A human.

    But her scent? An alpine meadow at sunrise?

    Calling my animal. Making him pace and snarl.

    He’s stalking her now. Hunting her down.

    And once he’s on the scent of prey he never let’s go.

    Trouble is, he senses a threat lurking in the night forest. Something’s stalking him.

    This is the end of an age. The natural order upturned.

    The hunter hunted.

    Lily. My bloodmate. My destruction.

    Mother Nature’s not all kisses and cuddles. She’s ruthless. Hard. Cruel.

    Species rise and fall. Survival is all that matters.

    And my wolf? He’s howling. Summoning his pack.

    The cop girl has to die…