Avery Stark

  • Falling In by Avery Stark

    0 out of 5

    With the biggest storms come wreckage…but in their wake, the potential for a new beginning awaits.

    After losing her job and her marriage in a single day, Audrey Davis feels adrift and unsure of what direction–if any–her life is taking. So when an old friend asks her to house-sit in Florida for a few weeks, the lure of relaxing beaches and warm waters is too much to resist.

    What she doesn’t count on is Cedar Key fixture and eccentric, tattooed musician Liam Stone. When an unexpected friendship between the two quickly blossoms into something Audrey never expected, it leaves her to question everything she thought she understood about life, sex, love, and even herself.

    But now, a record-breaking hurricane has its sights set on the historic coastal town, threatening to leave it in ruins. Will the storm force Audrey return to the turbulence of her old life ahead of schedule, or will she stay and endure unprecedented danger for a chance at happiness, even if it lies in the arms of a devastatingly handsome man that she barely knows?

    This full-length novel contains steamy content and is intended for readers 18 and older.

  • Broken to Pieces by Avery Stark

    0 out of 5

    College freshman Emily didn’t expect too much when she came home for summer vacation. After all, nothing interesting had ever really happened at the bed and breakfast her parents owned in the heart of Virginia. However, she never counted on meeting Adam Marshall.

    Adam’s sexy body wasn’t the only thing that Emily was attracted to. The dark secrets he carried drew her closer to him, and she looked forward to getting to know the handsome stranger. However, summer was over almost before it started. When a personal tragedy forced Emily to take over Chickweed Inn by herself, she found herself face to face with the demons of her past.

    Emily was unsure of herself, unsure she belonged in that forest home, and the only thing she was sure of was Adam. Would this dramatic series of events turn the star-crossed lovers away from each other, or would Emily and Adam find the strength in each other to rise above the pieces of their shattered lives?