Austin Mitchell

  • Better Days are Coming by Austin Mitchell

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    Better Days are Coming

    Short Summary of Stories

    Willis’ Lucky Escape- Will Willis escape his kidnappers and summon up the courage to testify against them? Read the full story in Willis’ Lucky Escape.

    No Tears for Sonya- Most persons believed that Sonya was a wicked girl. She had been involved in some bad things in her younger days and even since becoming an adult. Will she find redemption and repent of her evil ways? Read the full story in No Tears for Sonya.

    The Serial Burglar- Las and Dalby set out to capture Bender, a wily and dangerous praedial thief. On the way they have to fight the man’s sons to get to him. They also have to get out of Lobban’s Woods with Bender and avoid Clinch Salmon and his band of cutthroats. Read the full story in The Serial Burglar.

    The Troubled School-All sorts of problems were plaguing the school. Will it be able to overcome these problems? Read the full story in The Troubled School.

    Wrong Directions-Romain was given wrong directions and robbed of all his possessions. He has remained on the island to find the men who robbed him. Will he succeed? Read the full story in Wrong Directions.

    Who wanted Dory Anthony Dead?- Dory Anthony was dead and Dalton Ferguson, her fiance, was charged with her murder. Reece Patterson, a private investigator, is called in. Can he get Ferguson off the murder charge? Read the full story in Who wanted Dory Anthony dead?

    The Amateur Investor-Phil lost all his money in a failed investment scheme. His baby mothers have also taken him to the family court for maintenance. He has also suffered a shock at the loss of his money. Will Phil ever get on his feet again? Read the full story in The Amateur Investor.

    The Absentee Husband- Alrick got into trouble with his wife when he got nineteen year old Gwen Dacres, pregnant. His wife has left him and he suspects that she is seeing another man. Read the full story in The Absentee Husband.

    Delaine’s Dilemma-When a woman is as beautiful as Delaine Tennant, men will do anything to get into bed with her. And that’s exactly what ex-cop, Clyde Harper, was trying to do. When Delaine dropped her lover, Easton Rivers, also another ex-cop, Clyde thought he was in business, except that he had another guess coming in the form or Marc Evers, also another ex-cop. Also, why was Easton so hell bent on destroying his ex-girlfriend’s reputation by labelling her as a worn out prostitute and a harlot? Read the full story in Delaine’s Dilemma.

    Bad Man’s Woman- Was Elroy so infatuated with Carline that he would challenge a Don over her? Or maybe he didn’t know who a Don was. Read the full story in Bad Man’s Woman.

  • Going Into the Hills to Teach by Austin Mitchell

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    Going Into the Hills to Teach
    Short Summary of these Stories:
    After he stole the bank’s vault, Dex became a serial killer. Read more in the Money Vault.
    Will Miss Della regret accommodating her younger brother and his son for one night? Read more in Miss Della’s Radio.
    Gamblers get get into the habit of being poor losers. Read more in the Robber Gamblers.
    Contractor fails to turn up to honor his contractual obligations. Read more in the Fraudulent Contractor.
    Will Cora be tricked out of her hard earned possessions for a third time? Reade more in Three times a Loser.
    Several of her former baby fathers have heard of Raquel’s good fotune in winning a lot of money at the race track. They want to get a share of it, but will she let them? Read the full story in If you win big Don’t Lose It.
    Jeannie has put herself in so much debts to help her on again off again boyfriend, Jake. Now she is looking for more money to bail him out of his latest indiscretion. Read the full story in The Absconding Boyfriend.
    Did Westin lend out the company’s motorcycle to his friends to go on a robbery spree or was I too suspicious? Read more in The False Bike Messenger.
    What did Wilson Chung do to Mendy why he broke out of prison in order to seek his revenge? Read the full story in The Night Burglar.
    Why didn’t the party want Miss Lurlene to represent them in the local polls and instead went for Simmo? Read more in Simmo, the Politician.
    Why did Dukey steal the marijuana out of the police jeep in the station yard? Did he think he could have gotten away with it? Read the full story in The Marijuana Thief.
    Why did Marline send the telegram to her baby father? Read the full story in The False Telegram.
    A group of youths try to trick a master gambler out of his winnings. See if they succeeded in The Cheating Gamblers.
    Harden was a brilliant teacher, but something wasn’t right about him. Read more in Children Traffickers.
    Sophia isn’t sure who killed her second baby father. Her first baby father was caught on the scene of the murder with a gun. He is now spending time in prison for possessing an illegal firearm. She isn’t sure if her present baby father was involved in the murder as she has been getting several notes fro a mysterious person. Read more in A Dying Quest.

  • Undercover Soldier-Part One by Austin Mitchell

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    One time mob hit man, Gus Mc Creed is engaged in a deadly struggle with several drug syndicates for control of the lucrative Jamaican market. These syndicates have gunmen whom, they call soldiers and whom, they often unleash on each other or hire out for pay.In the midst of all this, his foster son, Fred Billings, wants to get rid of his daughter, Lorena, as he has his eyes set on Mc Creed’s empire. Special Branch Detective, Curtis ‘Bendoo’ Johnson, could spell trouble for both men when he is sent to the notorious Wareika Hills area of Eastern St. Andrew, to infiltrate a gang of drug smugglers hiding out there. Bendoo discovers that the gang is controlled by Mc Creed’s syndicate but soon comes to the conclusion that maybe he has bitten off more than he can chew as some of the most dangerous men on the island are holed up there.However the word fear does not exist in Bendoo’s vocabulary and that’s why he was sent on this dangerous mission by his superiors.

  • The hardest Way Out of Love by Austin Mitchell

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    It took a fight between Syd Daniels and Karl Parker before Dean Morgan realized that he and the latter man were sharing Debra Menzies. Then a lot of things happened after that incident. Karl’s woman left him, and Syd’s wife also left him too. Debra’s boyfriend also left her. Only Dean escaped unscathed as his wife Merris had found out about him and Debra. Debra told her that while she was convalescing after giving birth to her two babies, she was the woman taking care of Dean. He has denied this, but Debra told Merris that she just has to snap her fingers and he will run to her. Now Dean has found another woman in bottle shaped Tanya Dixon. Merris has put a detective on him and is threatening to divorce him. She owns the house they live in and the company he works with is owned by her family. Although he knows the precarious situation he is in, he is refusing to give up Tanya.

  • Sleeping Lovr by A G Mitchell

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    Sleeping Love
    When Konya Evans first came to Standard Management Services the first man she met was Denver
    Tracey. She knew that she had been affected by this man. Within a month she was having a torrid love
    affair with him, despite all the signs and persons who knew him telling her that he was a player. Denver has two baby mothers, plus a girlfriend, Jovita, on the complex where their office was located. She become embroiled in verbal spars with Jovita and his baby mothers over him. She decided to leave him when Chantelle, one of his baby mothers gets pregnant for him again. Her two ex-boyfriends, Pablo and Bally try to get her back, but she refuses. Pablo has too many baby mothers and Bally changes girlfriends too often. A few other guys have caught her eyes, but they nearly always have a baby mother or girlfriend willing to fight her off to leave her man alone. She returns to Denver, but decides that maybe she is being unfair to his heavily pregnant baby mother. His other baby mother, has gotten married to another man. She warns Konya that as soon as Chantelle has her baby, Denver was going to get married to her. In the meantime, she gets into several spats involving some of her female colleagues. Konya finally meets Russell but although his fiancé is in Canada she is prepared to fight Konya for her man.

  • No Tears for Sonya by Austin Mitchell

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    Three years ago, Judy Binns, witnessed Sonya Brown writing fraudulent receipts. She threatened to tell her boss, Chester Guthrie on her. Sonya went to her off again, on again boyfriend, Mickie, to get contract killer and hitman, Carlos Whyte to warn her off. She is horrified a few weeks later when Judy is killed in a hit and run accident. Now three years later Chester is shot dead Sunday morning after he told her on Saturday night to come for a stock count the next day. She has things to hide, she has an apartment, and three taxis and several bank and investment accounts over the ten years she has been working at the hardware. Mickie does a disappearing act, first to Montego Bay and then to the Cayman Islands from where he was deported back to Jamaica. When Sonya asked him why he was running away he said that he was certain that Carlos was the triggerman. Chester’s wife, Delta, takes over, suspects Sonya of fraud and she is forced to repay the money she stole. To complicate things Carlos is shot dead a few weeks later. While he was in prison he confessed to a fellow prisoner about his role in both murders. The police are now treating the hit and run accident that claimed Judy’s life as murder. Meanwhile both Judy’s family and Delta have hired their own investigators to help probe the case. Sonya is selling goods out of the back of her car as she awaits the outcome of both cases. Incidentally both she and Delta were arrested on separate occasions for murdering Chester, but were released when Mickie who the police were relying on changed his statement. However a new witness has come forward claiming that he knows who paid Carlos to carry out the murders. He also claimed that Mickie witnessed the transactions.

  • I’m Back From the Hills Now by Austin G Mitchell

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    I’m Back From The Hills Now

    Short summary of Stories:

    Jack Deland’s Disappearance-What could have made the old tailor do a disappearing act like that? Read further in Jack Deland’s disappearance.
    A Suspicious Death- Todd was dead. Most of the villagers believed that he was poisoned, but did the authorities share their suspicions. Read further in A Suspicious Death.
    A Case of Mistaken Identity- A man was dead, hit down by a bus, but everybody went home when they realized that it was a case of mistaken identity. Read further in A Case of Mistaken Identity.
    One Good Turn……-They say that one good turn deserves another. Apparently, Jacqueline didn’t think so. Read further in One Good Turn…….
    The Infatuated Teenager-Why did my friend Elroy decide to stick around Leila and her friend,
    Greta, when he knew that he wasn’t wanted? Read further in The Infatuated Teenager
    An Honest Driver- The driver was indeed honest despite being persuaded to do otherwise.
    Read further in An Honest Driver.
    A Dangerous Hike-Why were Juvert and his cronies so hell bent on preventing the youths
    from venturing into Brentwood Gap? Read further in A Dangerous Hike.
    A Whiff of Smoke-A marijuana seller is caught aboard a bus, despite his best efforts to escape. Read further in A Whiff of Smoke.
    Big Dread-Was the system set up to destroy youths from the inner cities? Read further in Big Dread.
    The Angry Bull-Was it a case of greed why Todd didn’t sell the bull? After all, he knew how
    dangerous it was. Read further in The Angry Bull.
    The Wrong Set of Crooks- Was Deuce too trusting of his in-laws? Read further in The Wrong
    set of Crooks.
    Midtown Lovers-Was Avrill in love with Grant? Why was he in such a big haste to get married
    to her? And what about Gena, would she stand aside and lose her lover to another woman?
    Read further in Midtown Lovers.
    The Marijuana Peddling Student- Dirks Corbin was making loads of money peddling
    marijuana. He was now driving a car and women were eating out of his hands. Then things
    began to go wrong. Read further in The Marijuana Peddling Student.
    The Big Find-What will Ephraim do when he finally catches up with Norris and the money he
    had stolen from him? But the Coleman gang is also hunting Norris and their money, which he
    stole. Read further in The Big Find.
    Bad Word Cursing Students- Students are caught cursing bad words. Read further in Bad
    Word Cursing Students.

  • Uptown Lovers by Austin Mitchell

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    Uptown Lovers
    A Synopsis

    In the prologue of this book, Morgana Symonds is about to leave Jamaica to study abroad for three years. She and her boyfriend, Stewart Brown are at her sending off party. She expresses her doubts as to what will happen between him and other women during her absence. He tries to reassure her that he won’t be tempted. He finally wins a concession from her that she will return home most holidays to visit him.
    In chapter one we meet Bobbette Greene and her newly minted and rich boyfriend, Robert Parsons. Bobbette and Stewart become fast friends and lovers. We also meet April English, Stewart’s other woman. We learn that she and Bobbette are in conflict over Stewart.
    Morgana’s father dies in a boating accident and she returns home and hears about Stewart and other women. She breaks off with him and finds another guy. Unfortunately for Morgana things doesn’t work out and she is single again.
    She and Stewart become friends again and so she came home to be with him. April hears about his impending engagement to Morgana and breaks off with him. Bobbette also decides to stop sleeping with him.
    Stewart and Morgana become engaged. April runs away to America.
    Morgana gets a job with a management consultancy firm. There she meets Brad Newman and Rick Graham. Brad falls for her, but she tells him that she is already committed to Stewart. Both Brad and Rick know Stewart. Brad thinks her naïve to be engaged to a player like Stewart.
    April has gone away, but Bobbette has changed her mind and is sleeping with him again.
    Morgana’s lover in America returns home to Jamaica.
    Morgana’s firm puts on a welcoming party for her, Rick and Brad. Bobette turns up at the party without her boyfriend. Stewart leaves the party before Morgana and she is highly suspicious that he has gone to sleep with her. She can’t do a thing about it as she is not mobile and wouldn’t be able to get a taxi down to where he lives, at this time of the night.Morgana had asked him about her at the party, but he denied being friends with her.
    Stewart again denies that he and Bobbette are lovers when Morgana confronts him the next day.However, he feels justified over his affair with Bhobbette and any other woman, because of Morgana’s refusal to spend weekends with him or even a sleepover.
    Stewart continues his relationship with Bobbette until she drops a bombshell on him by announcing that Robert has asked her to marry him. She says that Stewart will have to tell her what to tell him.
    Brad in the meantime drops his longtime girlfriend, Dania Reid and takes up with Jenna Marden. Jenna drops a bombshell on him when he finds out that she was secretly married and the son she claimed she had for Robert Parsons was actually her husband’s child.
    Morgana and Celia could be in serious trouble. A hitman is hunting Morgana, claiming that she was responsible for his brother’s death in a prison riot. Celia’s former lover is stalking her,claiming that she either give him back the thousands of dollars he spent on her or he is going to kill her.
    Morgana’s equally beautiful sister, Beverly finds herself in a quandary. She isn’t hearing from her boyfriend in the States. It now appears that the rumors about a girl over there being pregnant for him are true.
    Things really start to happen after the Easter holidays. Brad
    began pursuing Morgana.
    Rick and Celia are at odds with each other after he starts pursuing Bev. Of course Stewart and Morgana are very much in love as they have just spent the week end in Ocho Rios. Incidentally, Morgana and Bobbette had a confrontation down there. It appears that Brad’s pursuit of Morgana is bound to end in failure.
    Then there is Glen Norman. Many persons believe that he and Bev have something going on. Bev likes him, but knows that his girlfriend isn’t going to let him go anytime soon. On principle she is not prepared to fight a woman and take away her man. Glen’s parents are very rich. They live in an exclusive neighborhood. Like Bev and his girlfriend, he is also attending the University.
    Morgana and Stewart’s relationship continues, but the strains are beginning to take toll. Morgan has virtually stopped sleeping with him. Stewart of course doesn’t mind for although he has lost Bobbette with her impending marriage and April’s migration to the States, there are still girls out there willing to sleep with him.