Aspen Hayes

  • Tempting Fate by Aspen Hayes

    0 out of 5

    Alex Stone is a man that is used to getting exactly what he wants. Heir to an advertising dynasty and at the top of his game as lead executive, Alex is confident, commanding and absolutely irresistible.

    So when his father, CEO of Stone Advertising, hires the curvy Nora Myers to go head-to-head with his son in the boardroom, nothing could prepare Alex for the competitive battle that would ensue, or for the fire in Nora’s eyes that would ignite a sexual spark unlike anything he’s ever felt before.

    But it’s not going to be easy – Nora is all about business and is determined to keep the playboy at a distance, unwilling to become just another conquest in a string of many.

    For Alex, it doesn’t take long before he’s grappling with emotions that he’s never felt before. Jealously, and an uncontrollable obsession that threatens to drive him over the edge. And he’s never been more afraid, or more excited.

    But when trouble from Alex’s past appears on the scene intent on destroying any chance that he has at real happiness, he must figure out a way to prove to Nora that he is not the man that he used to be.