• The Fires of War: The Tyranny of the Archangels by Steven M. Sands

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    The mortal, Edward Ignis, arrives at the gates of Heaven to learn that the paradise he waited his entire life for is not as it seems.

    A young angel of the Kingdom, by the name of Bethrael, embarks on a personal mission to hunt the ancient demon responsible for the slaughter of her brothers and sisters.

    The two quickly find themselves on opposite ends of an ancient conflict between the Kingdom of Eden and the remnants of Olympus and Asgard. Though they believe themselves to be unimportant, the decisions they make will forever alter the shape of the land they occupy.

    Fires of War takes the Heaven vs Hell trope and adds a new spin to it. What if the Heaven many believe in today occupied the same land as the mythology of ancient civilizations? What if mythology and theology were two sides of the same coin? We explore that world through the eyes of a naive mortal, a young and enthusiastic soldier of the Kingdom, a grizzled war captain, and many other recognizable faces from the lore of ancient mythologies and theologies.