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  • Antoinette: Shattered Dreams by Wagner Wolf

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    Pretty on the outside, dangerous on the inside. For Kerry it was the gift and the curse. Kerry starts out as the typical wife who wants what’s best for her family. After the honeymoon period sizzles out she becomes bored and no longer amused by her husbands lack of excitement and desire. This sets off an unquenchable thirst as she decides to find that missing spark outside of the marriage. What started out as innocent evolved into extra-marital adventures that step beyond the boundaries of what she promised to keep sacred in her wedding vows. Spinning a seemingly impenetrable web of deception gave her power and

    confidence, making her even bolder and act in rash ways. Kerry soon gets caught up with the night life and with male co-workers who adore her and are now eating out the palm of her hand. This attention places her on an unstable pedestal she can’t seem to come down from. While men pursue her forbidden fruit, Kerry’s marriage teeters on the brink of collapse. With each covert rendezvous Kerry ventures off to, she gets dangerously closer to the adulterous point of no return. In hopes of finding herself Kerry ends up losing her identity and everything that she once used to hold dear. When her all-American husband Charles becomes aware of his wife’s dirty little secrets, he decides to get his hands dirty as well. Self-drawn images of what his wife is up to makes the man of her dreams become a ticking time bomb as he gives into the powerful forces of passion and jealousy? Charles doesn’t decide to get even by being with other women, he focuses his rage to exact revenge on the one women he vowed to always love and protect. As the relationship continues to unravel, Kerry has no choice but to escape her ominous surroundings. Left with only feelings of regret and despair, Kerry finds herself surrounded by other women who share her pain at the ‘Women United’ center.

    This suspense and psychological thriller dives head first into the inner psyche of men over taken with obsession and unfiltered passion as Kerry vividly recalls her unforgettable tale of Shattered Dreams. During the midst of the storms found in dysfunctional relationships, calm is restored through the self-help therapeutic sessions led by the battered women’s facility director, Antoinette. Her intense psychology and counseling sessions deal with the internal and external pain abused women and victims of sexual abuse experience. Antoinette makes sense of the senseless and answers the age old question “why does he do that” and clearly explains how to be a survivor. Girls who come through the doors of her ‘Women United’ facility leave as Women Resurrected and break free as they begin to heal. Along with her pearls of advice and words of wisdom, Antoinette has some very disturbingly dark secrets of her own and an even darker and more sinister way of punishing the men who cause hurt and pain. They are forcibly taught a lesson they will never forget or bounce back from. Men inevitably all regret the day that they became caught in the cross hairs of the cold and calculating woman of mystery, Antoinette.