Annette Austin

  • The Fall of the House of James by Annette Austin

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    Falling in love with a slave – can it ever work?

    A turbulent tale of love entwined with the brutal nature of slavery, the first book in The James Saga follows the forbidden romance between Lawrence James, the son of a plantation owner and Jasmine Thomas, a slave on the Havers End plantation in 1860.

    Although he’s aware of the consequences, Lawrence cannot hold back as his feelings continue to grow the more time he spends with Jasmine.

    However, there are other problems facing Lawrence. He has been groomed to take over the plantation, but Lawrence has a deep uneasiness about becoming a slave owner. His volatile relationship with his father, Edward, doesn’t help matters.
    There are also concerns over his eldest sister, Belvedere Rossiter, and her growing friendship with a rebellious slave, Donald Archer. While Lawrence hates Donald, Belvedere has an opposing view.

    Lawrence’s biggest dilemma is – does he choose to be the dutiful son or risk everything to be with Jasmine?