Ann King

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    What happens when the one you desire is minutes away from marrying someone else?

    She’s torn…

    Hannah Steeles is moments away from marrying a man she does not love. The chapel is filled with 100 guests and she’s ready to walk down the aisle but her heart is with hot Blake Romano, the man who makes her pulse race and dominates her fantasy. The man who is giving her away in place of her father. It’s too late to turn back now.

    He wants her…

    Blake Romano, sexy, young self-made billionaire is used to getting what he wants but this time may be a challenge. He’s never wanted any woman more than he wants beautiful, charming Hannah Steeles. It’s when he’s asked to give her away, his late mentor’s niece, that he wrestles with his desires. He can’t get her out of his system but the chapel is decorated and filled with guests. Will he give away the one woman he desires or take her for himself?