Aniol Morze

  • Our First Time by Aniol Morze

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    This set of 20 stories, based on true accounts, is a series of confessions by women about the time they lost their virginity. I don’t think there will be many girls who were strippers before they lost their virginity, but I am one. I was never very worried about losing my virginity, it wasn’t something I attached a lot of importance to. But I hadn’t really found a good way to be with boys, I was a bit of a loner, I preferred to hang back and not be noticed. I had some friends, and we all seemed to go out in a bunch, which didn’t make it easier to pair up. I was at college, I was working in a bar to make ends meet, and I wasn’t doing very well. My parents didn’t really want me to go away to college, and they didn’t have a lot of money anyway, so I didn’t want to ask them for help, I wanted to show them I could make it. I worked hard at college, and I worked hard at night in the bar, but still I was struggling to pay my rent. The boss, Ray, was a good guy, he helped as much as he could, and gave me good shifts. But I mentioned to him that I was short of money, and he said if I wanted, I could work at a private party that was on next day. What sort of work, I said, a bit suspicious. Well, it’s a stag night, and they want strippers. I can only find one who’s available, I need at least one more. Can you do it? I was very embarrassed, it was odd talking to him about that, it sort of reminded me of my gender, I hadn’t thought like that with him. Do I have to strip? Can’t I do something else — dance, maybe?

    He laughed, then he thought about it. Well, you’d have to take most of your clothes off. Maybe you could still keep a bit.

    How about no touching, I said, I was nervous to think how a party could turn out. kay, he said, I’ll be there, I can keep an eye out for you.

    I felt a surge of certainty and doubt at the same time. Okay, I said, I’ll do it. You can meet the other girl before the party, she’ll show you what to do, he said.

    I didn’t sleep that well, I kept having thoughts about showing myself off, but I consoled myself with the thought that I wasn’t really going to go all the way. I think I even dreamt about being nude in front of a whole group of men, at school of all places.