angels and demons

  • Fortis by PC BENSON

    0 out of 5

    Who knew that Nephilims and Fallen Angels were real?

    So far, summer was going great! I had been accepted to UCLA— my dream college, and I’d even met the perfect boy! I had never been boy-crazy before, that was my sister, Lilly. However, I couldn’t deny the attraction I felt for this stranger.

    In just one harrowing night, everything changed, my dreams and plans came crashing down. I found myself in a new world where Nephilim and Fallen Angels existed! They were hiding in plain sight, right in Los Angeles. Instead of choosing dorms or classes, I had to make life and death decisions because both sides wanted me—they claimed that I was the key to winning this war.

    I’ll be damned if I’d allow my sister to be dragged into this crazy world. She needed a normal life, as far away as possible from danger. A danger that started when I met Alec.

    Fortis is book one of Nephilim’s Savior trilogy.
    New Adult Paranormal Romance
    Warning: Adult scenes included

  • Love is a Merciless God – found exclusively in the Playing with Fire Box Set by Carissa Andrews

    0 out of 5

    When Guardian Angel, Evangeline, fell in love with her human charge, Liam, she never expected it to come with such a high price. She was perfectly fine watching his life from a distance, but when Liam prays for guidance and he can suddenly hear her, Evangeline can’t help but confess her love.

    However, there are laws in place-laws strictly separating the affections of humans and angels-and Evangeline knows it. If the Guild found out about her love, she could be sent to Purgatory-or worse.

    Unfortunately for them both, Liam’s prayer opened him up to more than just hearing Evangeline. All the demons in the known universe come calling to answer his prayer and one of them overheard Evangeline’s confession. Unless she can stop the demon from turning them into the Guild, it will mean the end of everything.

    This title is Carissa Andrews’ submission into the epic forbidden love anthology: Playing with Fire, coming October 8th, 2019!

    PREORDER NOW on all platforms for just 99¢!

  • Shadow Wings by Anna T Holloway

    0 out of 5

    Myra Dean thought she escaped the tragedy that pushed her to the new town. However, when her boss’ son rides in on his Harley, she finds herself wondering who he truly was. Was he the man of her dreams or was it his motorcycle brother, the golden eyed detective who melts her heart?
    Cross and Blaze come from two different backgrounds but their duty is to protect Myra. She was born with the blood of two different species running through her veins making her a target for the demon, Malach. With the taste of her blood, he can do what no other demon could do, return to heaven.
    Will Cross and Blaze figure out how to control their jealousy over Myra so they can protect her or will she have to save them instead?