An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy

  • Hey Neighbour: An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy by Hailey Queen

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    Jessica Goodwin. My next-door neighbour. The woman who unearthed the pleasant memories of my first and only crush.
    She is single. Seductive. Occasionally sassy.
    And my sworn enemy.
    Although things could have been different between us if …
    … I hadn’t killed her cat on the very first day, she moved next door.
    It was an accident.
    Definitely an accident.
    But due to my lack of emotions, it appeared otherwise.
    Still, bad blood could have been averted. The unfortunate situation could be handled as adults.
    But she made the ultimate mistake of calling me an animal and struck a nerve.
    Now, I’m in a war against her. Which, according to my niece, Frankie, is a petty rivalry from my side only, and I should stop making a fool of myself.
    If only I would be able to do just that.
    I’m a typical sociopath who just has to put people down for his own fulfillment.
    A ruthless, vengeful, most anti-social, outlaw, son of a bitch who has nothing but time on his hand and skills to make her life a living hell.
    But to my surprise, there were some feelings left, or it’s she who has awoken them along with my cock.
    Why else would I steal glances of her?
    True, she is sexy as hell. Crafted by God himself on a Sunday with a mold that has since been broken.
    But that can’t be the reason enough for me to pull down my sunglasses down the bridge of my nose, stare at her un-blinked, and while enjoying the view, whisper to myself ‘Hey Neighbour.’
    Or could it?

    ‘Hey Neighbour’ is an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a quirky alpha living a recluse life and the girl next door who would make him want to live differently. It’s a full-length standalone romance with no cheating or cliffhanger and ends with a guaranteed HEA.