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  • I’ll Always Love You by Lorhainne Eckhart

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    It was the hottest night of sex he’d ever had. Jeremy Friessen had heard the whispers that he was just like his father, with his looks, his bad ass attitude, and arrogance, and he’d never forget the night he’d spent with his best friends sister until she up and left, one day just three years ago.

    But now she’s back, he’d caught a glimpse of her at the traffic light again at the store and when her eyes connected with his, she pretended as if she didn’t know him, and that made him angry until he realized she couldn’t hide her reaction to him.

    But what Jeremy doesn’t know is why she left, whatever her secret is–whatever her reason was for disappearing, Jeremy is determined to find out everything, and when he does he may wish he’d never found her.

  • Secerts by Lorhainne Eckhart

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    In SECRETS, for Diana, Jed was the first man she trusted. He was the first man to show her what true love was. He was the father of her child, the one man she could always count on. Until one spring day Jed falls from the roof of the barn and Diana’s world as she knows it begins to unravel.

    Diana is forced to face two things, her husband’s secrets, and what if… there was no Jed.

  • Amelia by Felicia Rogers

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    The measure of a man is not what he’s worth, but rather what is in his heart…

    Amelia Beaumont would like to capture Charles’ attention – and his affection. She’s fairly certain he returns her feelings. But for some reason he seems distant and uninterested, and even more so after he delivers a kiss she won’t soon forget.

    Far from being indifferent to her, Charles yearns for Amelia in every way. But he’s hiding a secret, one that, should she discover it, will prove to her once and for all they can never be together. Because to his mind, love isn’t enough if he can’t provide for her the way she deserves.

    Can Amelia reach through Charles’ barriers to show him that love is, indeed, all they need? And if she can’t, whatever will she do?

  • Wind in the Grasses Dancing by Terrie McClay @PrairieDog1876

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    When the United States Government issues an ultimatum to all non-treaty Indians to surrender to the reservations no later than January 31, 1876, Wind in the Grasses Dancing defies the mandate and joins Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in one of the largest defensive stands in the history of the Lakota. As the threat of war becomes imminent, Wind in the Grasses Dancing is faced with the most difficult decision of his life when he is torn between his love for Amber, the daughter of a local rancher, and his beloved people.

    When two worlds collide, can forbidden love between a warrior and a rancher’s daughter survive the challenges?