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  • Secrets & Seduction by MJ Nightingale

    0 out of 5

    *** Three full length novels ***

    The heart wants what it wants.

    But is that enough? Can love hold fast when the past comes back and threatens it all? Can secrets destroy people's chance at love?

    That is what the Secrets & Seduction Series endeavors to discover. These interconnected standalone novels are romantic and erotic. Abuse, addiction, infertility, rape, divorce, war, low self-esteem, body image issues, OCD, and PTSD are all explored in this trilogy.

    Fire in His Eyes — Both Victor and Monica have issues and secrets. Can they be honest with themselves and each other and find their way into each other's arms?

    Afraid to Love — Ana and Teddy both have a past. Will events from that past tear them apart?

    Afraid to Hope — Louisa and Jay have both given up on love. Will they put the ghosts of the past behind them and let love in?

    The Secrets & Seduction Series by MJ Nightingale, best-selling author of The Bounty Hunters: The Marino Bros., will tear you apart and put you back together again.

  • Saving The Day: A Romantic Suspense Anthology by MJ Nightingale

    0 out of 5

    Saving the Day is a collection of four full-length, non cliffhanger books (over 800 pages!!) by four Bestselling Authors. This collection will only be available through April, so get your copy now!

    Protecting Caroline: Caroline helps foil a terrorist plot when she finds herself on a plane that’s hijacked (with the help of 3 members of a SEAL team), but after she gets home she finds herself still in the sights of the terrorists. Will Wolf and his team be able to save her in time?

    Meant To Be: Denise Cunningham is someplace she doesn’t want to be – in bed with the Heaven Hill MC. She’s dead broke and has two kids counting on her. When Liam rides up on the back of his Harley, offering her money, she eagerly takes up his offer. What she doesn’t realize is that Heaven Hill has enemies, and she is their new favorite target.

    Beautiful Bounty: Ronnie Sears is in a whole heap of trouble. She’s been arrested for drug smuggling. Out on bail, she’s desperate to prove her innocence. She knows she’s been framed. Should she risk running? The man who bailed her out is Nikko Marino, and unfortunately they have a past. Will he bring her to justice if he catches her? Or will he lose his heart?

    Love’s Taming: Annie lived a quiet life with her cats, in a tiny apartment over her veterinary clinic in the city…until mystery and danger knocked on her door. Shane, an undercover cop in a drug gang, never meant to drag the beautiful Annie into his life, but her skills as a veterinarian were needed. And her sunshine was the only light in his dark existence.

    Can Shane save Annie when his world crashes down around them? Will her love be enough to tame the wild cop?

    ***Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language some consider crude, this book is for 18+ only***