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  • Diamond Soldiers by Pinki Parks

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    Soldiers in action, a steamy night that left her completely satisfied but felt like a fantasy.

    Was I dreaming? Dalton was the one that got away.
    Duty trumped passion. We couldn’t be together.
    My days in the military resulted in sleepless nights.
    I would give anything to be with him. One time would satisfy the itch.
    Now he is dead.
    I was blackmailed into marrying another. My family had no idea. I couldn’t tell anyone. I was stuck.
    I knew they would be coming for their diamonds, and we had them.

    God, I wanted her! The facts were hard to ignore. The love I had was hidden for a reason.
    I couldn’t see her. It would ruin her life. I had to protect her from afar.
    The past has a funny way of coming back. I thought it was over.
    My sacrifice was in vain. I didn’t have to walk the path alone.
    The love I had for her was forbidden. It would be delicious. One taste would quench my curiosity. The gun was my mistress. I didn’t want it to be.
    That crazy night in Guam. We had to take the diamonds. But now we were paying for it.
    The past was in the way of our love. Could I keep her away from the line of fire? But how? She thinks I am dead.