alpha billionaire romance

  • Enamored by Design by A. N. Johnson

    0 out of 5

    Quinn Parker is an aspiring Interior Designer and has landed her dream job for globally- known architect, Connor Avery Moore. Her plan is simple: learn from the best, build clientele, and start her own company.
    Connor is considered to be an architect prodigy in the design world and a shark in the business world. He does a great job of separating his professional life from his personal one and prefers it that way.
    However, the blueprint of their lives quickly become complicated when their beautifully flawed, intense romance is put to the test. Careers are jeopardized, friends become foes, and loss is inescapable.
    Will the design for their lives be destroyed by darkness? Or can the foundation of their love withstand havoc and allow them to build a future together?

  • Billionaires’ Indulgence – Irresistible Attraction by Scarlett Avery

    0 out of 5

    Imagine losing your boyfriend, your home or your job within the same week. That’s exactly what happened to twenty-three year old Allison Randal.

    Just when she had lost all hope, the most unexpected job lands in her lap. Ready for you a fresh start, she packs her bags and moves across the country hoping to put her turbulent past behind her. Little does she know that her new opportunity could also be the adventure of a lifetime.