Alicia Wiggins

  • Loving Ilsa by Alicia Wiggins

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    Widowed at a young age with two boys to raise, Ilsa Tanner is a now forty-something empty-nester and borderline workaholic. After her youngest son gets married and moves out of state Ilsa’s best friend Denita convinces her that it’s time to finally live a little, embark on new adventures and maybe even dip her toes into the dating pool.

    After a celebratory night out with Denita, Ilsa meets handsome restaurateur Dominic Markos. It’s been a long time since she has found anyone even remotely interesting to date and she reluctantly gives Dominic a chance. However, while trying to balance her new dating life Ilsa has to deal with mounting pressures at work and a new boss who seems hell-bent on making her life miserable.

    Dominic is intrigued by Ilsa and enjoys spending time with her. Ultimately he sees how the stress of her job and her toxic boss are impeding the progress of their relationship. He has to tread lightly by learning to trust Ilsa to carve out a work-life balance that won’t wreck their relationship before it gets off the ground.