Alexis Shore

  • The Billionaire’s Fixer by Alexis Shore

    0 out of 5

    Book #1 of The Billionaire Trilogy

    Lydia works for a man so rich you’ve never heard of him. It’s her job to keep him out of the public eye, to fix his problems, and she’s good at it.

    But now she’s faced with her biggest problem yet – there’s a video of her boss having fun with someone who’d rather not be seen in such a compromising position.

    An erotic quickie of jet-setting, sex, and smut, with a twist in the tale that will leave you wanting more.

    “Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene,” The Romance Reviews.

    “I love your writing,” Bella Andre.

  • Red Light by Alexis Shore

    0 out of 5

    “Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene.” The Romance Reviews

    “I love your writing.” Bella Andre

    When Olivia’s boyfriend disappears in the blink of an eye, the police are no help, and she is forced to turn to a rookie private detective.

    Emily “Red” Brown has just started up her business, and now she’s faced with a puzzling conundrum that will drag her into an erotic world. Will she be able to find the missing man? And will she be willing to do what it takes to solve the case?

    Red Light is a quick-read erotic mystery with all the sexy fun readers have come to expect from the critically-acclaimed author Alexis Shore.

  • Too Hot by Alexis Shore

    0 out of 5

    Part one of The Exposed Trilogy is FREE.

    “I’m gonna assume from the hangover that you ain’t got nothing for me.”

    “I’m trying,” she said, feeling weak and feeble for a moment.

    “Maybe I got something for you.”

    She looked up, an eyebrow crooked high. “Last time you had a lead, Nixon was in office.”

    “Shut up Porter,” he said with a soft smile. “Punch up Alejandro Moreno.”

    Claire sat forward, slipping the mug to the side of her mouse. The loudness of the keys as she typed echoed through her skull. The search culminated on a webpage, at the top of which was a photo of Alejandro. His olive skin gave him a delicious glow, tempered by the strong jaw and thick dark hair. Only his eyes were sexier.

    “Don’t know him,” Claire admitted, still staring at his face.

    “No one does.” Ken lowered his voice. “Came out of nowhere last year, throwing money round the party scene at Pac Heights.”

    “Rich too?” Claire shrunk at the glower from her boss.

    “He’s holed up in Sea Cliff. Bought. Not rental.”

    “You’re thinking drugs.”

    “I’m not thinking anything. IRS has no record of him.”

    “Maybe an alias.”

    “Maybe. If only we had some way of finding out.”

    Claire sat back and looked at him. He hadn’t shaved today, and it just made him even more attractive. She was torn between the physical presence of her editor and the steely-jawed beauty looking back at her from the monitor.

    “I’m failing to see the story here.”

    “Let’s call it a mystery that I want solved.”

    “Might take some overtime.”

    “No chance,” he growled. “Get yourself a dress and wrangle an invite to his house.”

    She must have given him a look, because he added; “He’s having a party tonight. Stick your nose in and see what you can smell.”

    “Pleasant image.”

    “Get me a story, or I can’t justify keeping you on the street.”

    With that less than idle threat, he walked away. She knew how precarious her job was. Claire was a reporter, and if nothing else, this was an assignment.

    She looked at Alejandro on the screen, admired him with a little grin.

    Now all she had to do was get inside his house.

    And as a bonus, she was going to have him.

    “Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene,” The Romance Reviews.

  • White Knight by Alexis Shore

    0 out of 5

    Part 1 of the White Knight Trilogy …

    Julia is broke and stuck in a job she hates, her only fun is flirting with the people who wander by her reception desk every day.

    So when she is kidnapped at gunpoint, her world begins to unravel in ways she never expected.

    Just who is Richard, this rich billionaire holding her captive?

    An erotic rollercoaster of an adventure that will leave you panting for more.

    “Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene.” The Romance Reviews