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    Alpha Male Formula


    Every man has a hidden Alpha male waiting to take over and guide in their life. This short guide will try to activate those instincts while helping you to be able to communicate better to women, being the final objective to be able to start dating any woman you desire

    Chapter one: Confidence and trust

    Confidence is being confident in your actions and your appearance. Being around a woman that you think is attractive can cause many men’s confidence to drop

    Chapter two: Body Language

    When we talk about body language, we refer to all those messages that we send without speaking. We talk about gestures, expressions, body movements, eye contact … a whole series of signals that are very important in the relationship between people.

    Chapter three: Charisma

    I believe that charisma has to do with a person’s capacity to attract, amaze and generate admiration in others. And unlike gifts, abilities can be acquired.

    It’s like public speaking, flirting, or listening. One is not born knowing, but they are qualities that one learns with practice. What happens is that we usually call the involuntary practice a gift, while we call voluntary effort and dedication.