Alex M Smith

  • The End of Summer Part One by Alex M Smith

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    Part One ***New Version*** … Part Two is also available on

    The End of Summer is a forbidden love affair between Richard and Rebecca, A collage student and a housewife. It’s a delicious encounter filled with joy, lust, heartbreaks and new beginnings. Romantics will love it and the fast pace will keep them turning page after page all night long to see what awaits their favorite characters. The writing is a reflection of the male perspective in a relationship. This point-of-view is not something you see very often in romance novels. We not only catch a glimpse into the male psyche, we feel the raw masculine emotion and passion.

    Part One

    Introduces us to Rebecca, a beautiful and sexy woman, a wife and a mother of a teen-aged daughter with a troubled marriage. During a summer visit to New York City to spend a few days with her daughter. Rebecca met Richard, a handsome college student and a friend of her daughter. Immediately, Richard and Rebecca fell in love and begin a lustful secret affair. A strike of fate asserted their forbidden relationship. As their love grew so did a late summer storm and it threatened to snuff out the flame of their love.

    It also takes us through Richard’s turbulent past. An exciting adventure through time, something that he kept from Rebecca and the rest of the world. Will revealing his deepest, intimate and emotional secrets with two of his best friends, Lyn & Vanessa, alter the course of his life forever?