Ainsley St. Claire

  • Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Medical Romance by Ainsley St. Claire

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    Trapped by an avalanche with San Francisco’s most eligible bachelor would seem like a chemistry packed holiday, but I’m a one-date wonder. There’s no way we’ll ever fall for one another.
    Clay McGrath is a doctor, a distinguished veteran, and he saved my life.
    As San Francisco’s most eligible bachelor, woman know no boundaries and the texts, photos, and visits are unrelenting.
    I know why. His rock-hard abs, sapphire blue eyes, and those dimples melt my unmentionables right off.
    He’s saved countless lives, but he’s captured my heart and he may not be there to catch me when I fall.

    Anna Standing is fiercely independent, with a mouth made for sin.
    Her long legs, infectious smile, and she’s smart as a whip intimidates men. After all, she doesn’t need our money, our help, or our bodies.
    She needs me. She just doesn’t know it.
    Her world is imploding and she’s in danger and I’m the only one who’s able to save her.