• A Game Of Princes by Raymond David

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    A young Prince from the very rich Kingdom of Afrotasia [kimbuwe] decides to leave his throne behind in pursuit of his passion for the lovely game of BasketBall. Finding
    himself in a different culture he falls in love with a cheerleader who happens to be the girlfriend of his biggest rival, the most celebrated basketball player in America,
    “the handsome Prince of Basketball” as he is called, Ryan Ridley. While playing the most important game of his career, his father “King Mbasa” suddenly slumps and dies, forcing him to return to Afrotasia which had now been taking over by a wicked King from a fast rising empire. Caught in an adventure of suspense and mixed culture he now gets to fight not only for what he believes in, but for true love, and also his rightful place as the King of Afrotasia to set his people free by winning in a game of the founding forefathers, “The Game Of Princes”. However how could a noble Prince win against the cruel and evil King who have a team of brutal men, could the rules of the game prevail or the founding forefathers would rise to change the hands of time, could love conquer this evil or the young Prince must dance to the beat of the wicked King in an unimaginable manner to end this all.
    Find Out!