Adult Romance

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  • Blaze (Naughty Neighbors 1) by Olivia Aycock

    0 out of 5

    Event planner Laurie Maxwell has a contingency plan for every situation—except the one that leaves her hanging half-naked from her second-story window when her personal pleasure device vibrates its way to the feet of her very sexy downstairs tenant.

    Warning: The mercury isn’t the only thing rising when a heat wave moves through this southern city. This erotic romance includes two naughty neighbors who, with the help of a vibrator and their feverish fantasies, dial up the sexy to level blaze.

  • The Sanctuary (Eros’ Edge, Book 1) by Arika Stone

    0 out of 5

    Eve Lauren has it all — an elite New York City wedding and event planning business and a fabulous jet-setting life. When she discovers her fiancé, Jude Wright, cheated, she loses the joie de vivre for everything wedding related and gives up on ever finding romance. She escapes to Helsinki for vacation — a place she describes as “moody and dark.” It’s exactly how she feels after being burned by Jude.

    Val Ruska isn’t looking for love. Infamous for being one of the most elusive rock stars to bed, the musician turned brooding artist can have any woman he wants, but doesn’t. Not any woman will do. But he’s intrigued by Eve, a single American woman dining alone, and invites her to dinner.

    Val rocks Eve’s world as hard and fast as the music he plays. Eve explores her deepest erotic fantasies with him and finds a side of herself that she didn’t know existed. Their relationship causes Eve to question everything she believes about sex, love, and starting a family. Val can give her everything she’s ever dreamed of, if she’s willing to submit to his desires. But is she ready to give up her life in exchange for his? Reality sinks in when she returns to New York City and Jude seizes the opportunity to win her back—but Val isn’t so eager to let her go.

  • Bad Boys of BDSM Box Set by Anita Lawless, C.J. Sneere, Roxxy Meyer, Leigh Foxlee

    0 out of 5


    From Amazon & All Romance bestsellers the Wild & Lawless Writers!

    Go on a wild ride with these decadent bad boys of BDSM.

    Get tangled up with alpha billionaires and werewolves. Let a bad boy claim your heart. Fall in love with a rugged mercenary, and follow one young dominatrix as she tries to tame two rough bikers.

    This box set includes six novellas plus bonus stories and an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Midnight Wolves MC Saga.

    Stories so dirty and hot, your ereader may not survive!

    This box set includes:

    Bad Boy Werewolf (MF; HEA)

    Bonus Story: Waking Up Werewolf Part 1 (MM)

    Claimed by the Bad Boy (MF/MFM/MFF; HEA)

    Bonus Story: Jack & James (MMMMMMM)

    Bad Boy Biker (MM/MMM; HFN)

    Bonus Story: Barista Boys (MM)

    Bad Boy Alphas (MMM; HEA)

    Bonus Story: Lust Times Two (MMF)

    Her Bad Boy Protector (MF; HEA)

    Bonus Story: Stripped Down (FF)

    Taming Two Bad Boys (MFM; HEA)

    Bonus Story: Surrender To His Proposal (MMF)

    Bonus Excerpt: Midnight Wolves Part 1

    Bonus Excerpts

    All stories have an extreme heat level.

  • Innocence (Tales Of Olympus, Book 1) by Lee Savino

    0 out of 5

    New to the city of Olympus, Cora runs from a stalker straight into the clutches of mob boss Marcus Ubeli. Wealthy and powerful, the handsome business man sweeps her off her feet in a dizzying romance. But as she falls deeper under his spell, she begins to discover the truth of the city’s criminal underworld. Can she truly love a man who will never let her go?

    Cora is the maiden Persephone and Hades is Marcus Ubeli in this modern retelling of the Greek myth.

  • Shoot and Run by Sandra J Smith

    0 out of 5

    Shelly Dearing, 26, is a freelance photographer who is on assignment in Jamaica and about to meet William Connell, the man of her dreams. But is the tall, broad-shouldered hunk really what he makes himself out to be? In between sizzling sex and suspension, Shelly cannot decide. Before she knows it, she finds herself being accosted for a picture she had taken accidentally. William saves her from several precarious situations, but every time it happens, she finds out something new about him, which can make or break their budding relationship. This leads to an unexpected development, which will follow them around the island in the search of the truth.

  • Lethal Affair by Noelle Hart by Noelle Hart

    0 out of 5

    Lethal Affair is the first in a series of stand alone full length novels, followed by Lethal Link, then Lethal Reunion. Kylie Lambert seduced the sexually elusive man she was dating. Mistake! Now all she wants is for Drew Hammond to disappear from her life and take his volatile temperament and sense of entitlement with him. Enter Will Delaney, sexy and level headed restaurateur, and possibly the man of her dreams. Determined to have Kylie by any means, Drew’s mind festers, allowing suppressed, dark desires to surface. When he recognizes Will as a serious contender for Kylie’s heart, he decides to make her suffer by taking down everyone she cares for, one by one. If he can’t have her, no one can.

  • Gator Girl: Truth Lies & Confessions by Kari Nelson

    0 out of 5

    Kelsey is left alone in Spain by Stephen, but she isn’t alone for long… As if there could possibly be peace. The world ascends upon her all at once.

    Stephen has told her to stay out of trouble, but he didn’t warn her that trouble would find her!

    She gains full access to her phone back and Michael calls to tell her about Stephen’s shocking and cryptic past. Is Michael only trying to keep Kelsey’s focus on loving him or is he looking out for her own good? Kelsey must uncover the truth, but in her search she discovers that there are more and more secrets and lies to confront and then Stephen does the ultimate and confesses! However, Kelsey does not believe that he is telling her the truth.

    Kelsey meets her match with HRH Princess Elise, Stephen’s mother and Stephen’s best friend and current lover Nicollet as they plot to keep her out of his life.

    Can Kelsey endure or has she had enough of HRH? Gator Girl – Truth, Lies and Confessions

  • Love Games; There are no rules. by Lara Dash

    0 out of 5

    Alexandra Woodson is restless 37 year old woman, who decides that it’s time to pull her proverbial head out of the sand and find herself a life. When she bumps into a sexy past acquaintance at her office, she gets much more ‘life’ than she bargained for. “Love Games” is the sexy, no holds barred, high intensity ‘come alive’ series for women 25 to 85!

  • Licked by Hazel Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Sometimes the Teacher’s Pet wants more than just an A…

    Professor Kirk Jenkins was a normal guy. He had a few regrets and a few secrets, but for the most part, he was a decent man who believed he deserved to live a good life. And now that the woman of his dreams had agreed to marry him, it looked like everything was going to work out exactly as he’d hoped.

    But when sex obsessed undergrad Julianna Foster decides to seduce him to impress her friends, Kirk doesn’t stand a chance. And once Julianna gets a taste for his attention, nothing will stop her from setting them on a course that will change their lives forever.

    **Licked is a free erotic suspense novella and part one in the Devoured Series. It is intended for mature audiences.

    **Warning: Contains Sexual Content

  • Beneath a Highland Moon by Gwyn Brodie

    0 out of 5

    After her clan’s castle falls under siege, the fair-haired Lady Jillian MacRae finds a way to escape with her four-year-old brother, seeking help from the handsome Kade MacLachlan, laird and master of Ravenskull Castle. Four years past their love had been strong—until her father betrothed her to another man who was later killed. Now, it is Kade she turns to for help in regaining control of her own castle from the wicked man who has taken over and intends to marry her. Once she is again face-to-face with Kade, she realizes the love she thought she’d put aside is alive and thriving.

    Kade is speechless when the beautiful Jillian offers herself to him in exchange for protecting her young brother and banishing the intruders from her castle—an offer he is more than willing to accept. He has no intention of allowing her to slip through his fingers again. And when her life hangs in the balance, he will not let anything—or anyone—stop him from saving her, even as his own life dangles by a thread.

  • Discipline: Book One of the 50 Shades of Surrender Series by Penny James

    0 out of 5

    The first in a hot new Erotic Romance series for readers addicted to FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, BARED TO YOU, DRIVEN, and SWEET ADDICTION.

    Young English actress Abi Bennett is in New York, broke and desperate for work. She befriends street-wise erotic performer Roxy Royale, a woman heavily into the BDSM scene.

    Dominic Grigio is used to having his own way with women. He’s sexy, confident, and always in charge. Dominic has made BDSM his business and he’s good at it.

    When Roxy introduces the 22-year old Abi to Dominic, he immediately sets out to dominate her and make her his own. Unfortunately, Abi has other ideas. Although she finds Dominic incredibly attractive, she’s scared of sex, men and of falling in love.

    Can the girl addicted to Romantic Fiction win over the Alpha Male or will she succumb to his sexual dominance? And where do Roxy and a spy called Martin Craig fit in?

    This fast-paced 41,000 word Erotic novella will be followed in April 2014 by #2 in the series, Surrender: 50 Shades of Surrender Series

    Watch out Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Colton Donavan, Jesse Ward and Ethan Blackstone, Dominic Grigio has arrived!

  • Through the Psyche of Ambrosia by James Byron

    0 out of 5

    We are, all of us, connected by the fray. A world of fantasy awaits, asking only ‘in what do you believe?’

    A love triangle between thought strangers. It’s a dream so seemingly real a mind cannot comprehend, but is it madness? A list of disturbing images from another scene in time tells a tale that threatens to unravel the very fabric of all that is long held in disbelief. We are bound by love.

  • Forever (“The Forever Series, #1) by Eve Newton

    0 out of 5

    Liv Nelson has history that spans a millennium. A lot of Good, A lot of Bad and A lot of Boring. Will she ever be able to escape her past or will it forever shape her future?

    Liv has everything a girl could want. A global empire, money, power, eternal youth & beauty, a car for every day of the week, a wall full of shoes, and men who worship and desire her – Just some of the perks of being a thousand year old vampire.

    She finds herself torn between the 3 men in her life, that she loves so differently and won’t live without. The ancient, intimidating Constantine, the man who made her; Witty and fun loving Devon, the man she made; and the gorgeous actor Cole, the human she falls in love with. In order to keep her boys happy she is an expert at juggling her separate relationships with the hope that one day they can all be one big happy family, all the while trying to live as normal a life as possible. Well as normal as it can be under the circumstances.

    When she is faced with a choice, and after a shocking revelation which brings with it an uncertain future, will she make the right decision?

    18yrs+ please. Fiery Vampire Romance with KICK!!

    Book 1 in a current set of 6 books. 7th book is in the works due to be released early April ’13 and a spin off.