Adult Christian Fiction

  • Her Right to Flight by Mikela D. Harris

    0 out of 5

    No one thought a teen mother from the ghetto, like Genevieve could marry an accomplished airline pilot like Jayson. The capstone of Gen’s success is her tenth wedding anniversary celebration, a perfectly planned gala. But all her plans take a turn when Jayson falls ill and his hidden life is exposed.

    Desperately in need of a kidney transplant, Jayson’s only immediate match is Gen’s teenaged son, Eric. As Jayson’s fate falls into Gen’s hands, her own past secrets surface to further threaten her comfortable life. While tragedy and betrayal snowball, Gen gets sweet words of biblical wisdom from her incarcerated older sister, La’Yolanda.

    Gen is faced with the hardest decisions of her life; to exact revenge on her husband, to forgive him, to stay and trust God in chaos or to simply take flight?