A.N. Verebes

  • Handle With Care by A.N. Verebes

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    What would you do if you had twenty minutes alone with your idol?

    Gemma Fox is a self-confessed unlucky-in-love geek treating herself to a weekend at a pop-culture convention on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast.

    Drawn there by the temptation of seeing her celebrity crush, Everett Rhodes, the last thing she expects is to wind up trapped in an elevator with him. Parting ways, Gemma has no reason to suspect that their paths will cross again. After all, he’s a celebrity. She’s just a fan who lives on the other side of the planet.

    Besides, her life is not a rom-com. (At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself.)

    However, life has other plans. And Everett -stupidly charming, frustratingly handsome Everett- is hard to resist.

    But when things get complicated, Gemma and Everett are both faced with the same dilemma:

    How can they make things work when they live in completely separate worlds?