A.D. Brazeau

  • Blood & Ravens by A.D. Brazeau

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    22-year-old Greer is ripped from her small Paris life and thrust into the world of the casket girls of New Orleans. There she finds herself living in a convent, promised to a man who is a stranger to her. As Greer begins to experience dreams of a nightly visitor she calls the Dark Knight, she awakens to a frightening fact, the visions are real – Greer and her friends are being fed upon by whatever lurks in their casket-shaped cases.

    Theron, a demon cursed by Hades to live his eternity as a blood-sucking vampire, finds his bitter, cold heart, warming to the woman who was to be nothing more than food. As he finds himself falling under her spell, he helps her and her friends, putting himself firmly in the path of Hades’ wrath. To free Theron, and save her friends, Greer must offer a sacrifice to the lord of the Underworld, but will it be enough, especially when Hades is the least of their problems?

    Blood & Ravens, a dark, paranormal romance, takes place in 1728 New Orleans. This is book one of The Casket Girls Series.