• Double Trouble (Dommes after Dark) by Colette Caron

    0 out of 5

    How are the twin Dommes going to tame a difficult submissive that no other dominatrix wants?

    Mindy and Cindy must see something in him that is worth saving, or is he simply a challenge to them?
    Markus doesn’t trust easily but something about the blond twins draws him in. Can he trust them?
    This is the story of their journey to find what we are all looking for: somebody to love us and accept us the way we are. However, no journey is without its difficulties. They will have to face many challenges along the way to their happy ever after.
    The most difficult challenge would be their own fears and making peace with events from their pasts.

    This is a spicy and smoking hot novel involving BDSM and Femdom. This Erotic Romance novel includes very hot and explicit sexual scenes. There will be some cursing and may contain some bondage and spanking.
    (Who am I kidding? It will definitely have that and a lot more!)

  • Dommes after Dark : Quickies 1 by Colette Caron

    0 out of 5

    Double Trouble
    An tantalizing Quickie about Twin Dommes and a very difficult Submissive..
    The Dommes : Mindy and Cindy are petite, blond, blue-eyed angels. They don’t look like Dominants.
    The Sub: Markus is a muscular, tough soldier. He doesn’t look like a Submissive.
    Looks, however can be deceiving, and after an explosive first meeting, will they part ways or maybe take a change for something more?

    Eyes Open (ed)
    Would the first tantalizing taste of dominance be enough? Would she want more?
    This is Cathryn before she was introduced to BDSM. Still young and innocent, maybe even a little naïve.
    This is before Cathryn becoming Mistress Cat.
    One taste was all she needed…

    We all want to find the one! The one that will love us, accept us and make us theirs!
    A Night of naughty playing!
    Dommes and subs…A night in the life of one small and exuberant sub longing for more.
    Will she find what she is looking for?

    Enjoy this collection of BDSM Erotica and the first Chapter of Double Trouble – Novel

  • Happily Ever After by Charlie Peters

    0 out of 5

    A princess, an alcoholic vampire, and a honey badger walk into a bar. Actually, it was more of a stumbling out of one. Let’s start from the beginning…

  • STOIC by Eliyang

    0 out of 5

    Stoic Dokken, his name reflects his character. Impossible to read, always serious, always silent, difficult to reason with, tough like a boulder. The man is built like a beast, towering over the crowd like a true Norse God. His deep blue eyes piercing right through people’s souls. Stoic is the man that grown men fear, the object of every women’s desire, and the bastard my parents want me to marry.

    What should I do when I only have one month and two options? Escape from the clutches of the devil himself and lose my family, or live the rest of my life on all fours, breeding for a gigantic misogynistic asshole, and make my father proud?

    Time is running out and the words we don’t say out loud empower our mutually destructive silence.

    This book is intended for mature, adult audiences only and it’s not for the faint of heart. This book is strictly intended for those 18 years or older

  • Laurel’s Lover by C.W.

    0 out of 5

    Laurel Rossetti moves to Tuscany and there she inherits her grandmother’s house and winery and lives there with her cousin, the last thing Laurel wanted was to fall in love.

  • Secrets & Ruin by Monica Ageno

    0 out of 5

    The only daughter in a very strict family, Winyo’s life has never been her own. Never wanted. Never touched. Never experienced pleasure. Until one day, something changed; stripped her innocence away.The hole inside making space for the darkness to come and play.

  • Beautiful Redemption: A Limited Edition Collection of Second Chance Romances by Stephanie Morris

    0 out of 5

    What happens when your past comes knocking on your door?

    Sometimes love is that magical feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you see that special someone, and sometimes it’s clenched jaws when you remember the pain that they tattooed onto your heart. Second chances don’t always come easily, but when they do, it can be a beautiful redemption.

    Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with this collection of twenty-two second chance love stories that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

    If you love happy ever afters, be sure to one-click this amazing collection TODAY!

    Including Stories from:
    Stephanie Morris – USA Today bestselling author
    Jeanne Bannon – USA Today best selling author
    Krista Ames – USA Today Bestselling Author
    JoMarie DeGioia
    Kaye Kennedy
    Allyson R Abbott
    Roxy Wilson
    K.L. Shandwick
    Lisa Wood
    Katia Kozar
    Nikki Prince
    Tessa DeVante
    Vic Leigh
    Sylvie Grayson
    Abigail Sharpe
    Adina D Grey

  • Everything Led Me to You by Sara Kate

    0 out of 5

    After Jen woke up in the hospital, she just wanted to get her life back together but when she found out that the driver who crashed into her got away, she couldn’t let it go.

    She had one question. She just didn’t know that it was going to lead her down a dangerous path to finding the answer.

  • A FALL IN PARIS by J.D. Siders

    0 out of 5

    Janette is an adorable, neurotic, highly moral and desperately shy American woman who has moved to Paris to escape from a traumatic past and an abusive mother. A chance encounter leads her into the arms of Gerald, a handsome, charismatic, and self-destructive man, who has a controversial influence on her. Gerald leads God-fearing Janette down an insane pathway which results in her almost prostituting herself. Janette struggles against Gerald when he asks her to do things well beyond her imagination, actions her morality would never accept. Will Janette find the resources to outplay the vile forces of an entire universe, larking in the mob-infested corners of the City of Lights as well as the dark places of her mind, to devore her integrity?

  • Grounds For Divorce by Remy Maisel

    0 out of 5

    In a case of badly mistaken identity, Emily, a down-on-her-luck paralegal intern, is recruited by the State Department to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. Only this time they want it handled as a divorce settlement. There’s just one problem – they’ve got the wrong Emily Price. They think they’ve hired a real lawyer, and one with Middle East expertise. This one is a paralegal at an advertising firm or was a paralegal until she got fired.
    Luckily, she has a wealth of experience with acrimonious divorces. At least, she has the experience of her parents’ disastrous divorce. Plus, she went to Hebrew school. If she survived that, how much harder can this be? She’ll have help from a team from the State Department, and from her ex-fiancé, Mike, who’s now lecturing at the Hebrew University. Upon arrival in Jerusalem, though, she soon realizes that not only is the job going to be slightly harder than she thought, but Mike might still be a little angry with her for the way she responded to his proposal. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the ghosts of relationships past are back to haunt her. Letting go of the family trauma that has tainted her whole life will be crucial if she’s going to succeed in finding any kind of peace – but what if it won’t stay in the past?